Ixchel Spanish School in Antigua Guatemala

About Us

When we founded the school in 1999, we didn't want to be just another Spanish school in a town where there were dozens of Spanish schools already. We wanted to be the best!

We made it our goal to work only with the best Spanish teachers, select our host families and other service providers very carefully, and offer a full range of additional services to make our students' stay in Antigua Guatemala as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible.

We have developed and perfected our own class materials based on a wide range of textbooks and our teachers receive continuous training, allowing them to further improve their knowledge of the Spanish language and use the latest teaching techniques.

Ixchel Spanish School was the first Spanish school in Antigua Guatemala to develop career-specific courses for professionals, which allow you to study exactly the kind of Spanish you need.

Within just a few years Ixchel firmly established itself as one of the leading Spanish schools in Antigua Guatemala. Every year hundreds of students study Spanish at our facilities in Antigua and many more take online Spanish lessons via Skype.

Many students return to our school repeatedly to continue their studies whenever they have time for a trip to Guatemala and recommend us to family, friends and coworkers. Read what they say about our immersion Spanish courses!

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Sign up for an immersion Spanish course in Antigua Guatemala or online Spanish lessons via Skype! You'll be surprised how much Spanish you can learn in just a short time!

Students and teachers

Ixchel Spanish School

Ixchel is a popular Spanish school with students from all over the world

Ixchel is one of the leading Spanish schools in Antigua Guatemala and popular with students from all over the world. Year after year, hundreds of students participate in our immersion Spanish courses and many of them continue their lessons via Skype after they return home.

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Top Quality Spanish Courses

Whether you take an immersion Spanish course in Antigua Guatemala or learn Spanish online via Skype, our Spanish courses are second to none!

We have developed and perfected our own class materials over a period of many years. Grammar lessons, vocabulary building and exercises are well balanced and conversation practice is an important part of every course. You will not only learn the theory, you will be able to apply it in realistic everyday situations!

Most important, since the lessons are one-on-one, we can adapt them to your needs, interests and learning style. Your teacher will go at the pace that's right for you and make sure you've understood the lesson before moving on to the next one.

Immersion courses and online course are based on the same materials, so you can seamlessly transition between the two if you take online lessons before of after visiting Antigua.

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Great Ambiance, Friendly Staff

Few things are more detrimental to a student's learning experience than being confined to a dark, stuffy classroom with a dozen other students, each shouting so their teachers can hear them over the general background noise. At Ixchel Spanish School you don't have to put up with such a poor setting for your lessons!

Our Spanish courses take place in a large colonial-style building with patios, outdoor areas and two terraces with a fantastic view of Antigua and the surrounding mountains and volcanoes.

The school is located in a quiet residential area and there is ample space for each student, surrounded by evergreen plants and blooming flowers.

Should you have questions or need assistance, our staff is always there for you. Be it the everyday logistics of your trip or arranging weekend tours and other activities, we will assist you in any way we can and make sure your stay with us is as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible.

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