Accommodation for Spanish Students


Traditionally a family homestay is an integral part of every Spanish immersion course and most of our students choose this option to increase their exposure to native Spanish speakers. Not everyone is comfortable living in the home of a local family, however, and we can also help you find an apartment.

In an apartment you have more privacy than in a homestay and are independent of the host family's meal times. Renting an apartment also gives you the opportunity to have more upscale accommodations than what host families typically provide. On the other hand, you also have less opportunity to meet and interact with the local population and fellow travelers.

As one of Guatemala's most popular tourist destinations, Antigua Guatemala is well prepared for international travelers and there are apartments for all tastes and budgets – from basic studio apartments to luxurious apartments in gated communities.

Compared with other parts of Guatemala, apartments in Antigua are quite expensive. Space is at a premium in and around the historic center, which has driven up the cost of real estate as well as the rent for apartments.

We'll be happy to help you find an apartment that suits your needs and make a reservation on your behalf.

Some apartments are booked several weeks, sometimes even months, in advance during the high season (particularly around Christmas and New Year's Day, and during Lent and Easter week). If you plan to visit Antigua at these times, we recommend you book early.

Normally a deposit or advance payment is required to secure your reservation.

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Apartments in Antigua Guatemala

From basic to luxurios, there are apartments for all tastes and budgets in Antigua Guatemala

Apartments for all tastes and budgets are available in Antigua Guatemala – from basic studio apartments to luxurious apartments with all modern amenities in gated communities.