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Family Homestay

Immersion Spanish courses in Antigua Guatemala – or anywhere else in Latin America – are all about meeting the local population, learning about their culture and customs, and practicing your Spanish with native speakers in everyday situations – as much as possible!

The best way to do just that is to live in the home of a local family for the duration of your immersion Spanish course.

A family homestay has several advantages that make it the most popular accommodation option among our students:

  • You have plenty of opportunity to practice your Spanish with native speakers in realistic everyday situations.
  • You learn about the customs and culture of Latin America and experience them first hand.
  • The interaction with your host family gives you valuable insights into the daily life of average Guatemalans.
  • Having your meals with the host family saves you the hassle of eating in restaurants all the time or cooking yourself.

We select our host families very carefully to make sure you are comfortable in your homestay and receive good service.

Most students choose the homestay option and live with a local family while they are here. But if you feel a homestay is not for you, we also have rooms right here at the school where you can stay. Other options would be to stay at a hotel or rent an apartment.

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Family homestay

Family Homestay

A family homestay gives you lots of opportunity to chat with native Spanish speakers

Host families in Antigua Guatemala are middle class by local standards. Their homes are nice and comfortable but not luxurious.

Guatemalans are famous for their hospitality and make you feel welcome in their homes. They are happy to help you practice your Spanish and give you tips and advice to make your stay in Antigua even more enjoyable and memorable.

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Private Single and Double Rooms

Students participating in our homestay program have their own private room. Unlike other Spanish schools, we don't expect you to share your room with a stranger, not even during peak season.

We do have double rooms available, of course, for couples who want to stay together. For families traveling with children we can also add an extra bed to the room so the child can stay in the same room as their parents.

While many Spanish schools in Antigua Guatemala offer only homestays with shared bathroom, we can also provide rooms with private bathroom so you have more privacy.

The host family will give you a key to your room and to the house, so you can come and go as you please.

Meals Included

Family homestay includes breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Friday, and breakfast and lunch on Saturday. No meals are provided on Saturday night, Sunday and national holidays.

The host families serve mostly typical Guatemalan dishes, although they are sometimes adapted a bit to the taste of foreign guests. In any case, meals are tasty and much more varied than just beans, rice and tortillas three times a day.

Vegetarian and vegan meals are available upon request.

At each meal at least one family member, sometimes the entire family, is present and happy to chat with you. This way, you will practice your Spanish in realistic everyday conversations and learn about Latin American customs at the same time.

Family Homestay in Antigua Guatemala

A family homestay has many advantages for students. Compared with staying at a hotel, it is a very economical option to have a private room, three meals a day, and friendly and supportive hosts who are very willing to help you practice your Spanish and introduce you to Latin Americal customs. Sharing their everyday lives for a while gives you valuable insights into the Latin American way of life.

Guatemalans are famous for their hospitality and many students stay in touch with their host families long after their Spanish course has ended and they've returned home.

Our host families are located in the south and southeast of Antigua's historic center, within a few blocks from the school. The walk from the homestay to the school takes no more than five to ten minutes. Just about everything of interest in town is within easy walking distance and no lengthy bus or taxi rides are necessary.

Host families in Antigua Guatemala typically have several rooms for students and may host up to six or seven students at a time, particularly during the high season. Connecting with fellow students is very easy in a homestay and many students go out together or go on day trips or weekend tours together.

Many host families speak English on at least an elementary level. Generally, however, they try to avoid speaking English with their guests and speak Spanish as much as possible.

Family Homestay

Live with a Guatemalan family and learn about the culture and customs of Latin America!

Family Homestay

The host families are middle class by local standards

Family Homestay

The houses are nice and comfortable, but not luxurious

Family Homestay

The host families provide breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Friday, and breakfast and lunch on Saturday

Family Homestay

Usually at least one family member is present at each meal, sometimes the entire family

Family Homestay

The host families have single and double rooms available, with or without private bathroom

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