Immersion Spanish Courses in Antigua Guatemala

Extracurricular Activities

Learning Spanish is not the only thing you can do in Antigua Guatemala. Many attractions are waiting to be explored and there is plenty of opportunity to have fun and learn more about Guatemala at the same time.

We organize extracurricular activities every day Monday to Friday (except on national holidays).

Why participate?

  • Practice your Spanish outside of the classroom
  • Learn more about Guatemala: Culture, history, geology, and more
  • Socialize with fellow students and the Ixchel team
  • Have fun!

Most of the activities take place in the afternoon. If you want to participate, we recommend you take your Spanish classes in the morning.

Participation in the activities is optional. Some of the activities are free, others cost a few dollars for transportation and/or entrance fees. Every Monday morning we will give you a plan of the activities of the week, so you can plan ahead and sign up for the activities you are interested in.

Pacific beach in Monterrico

The activities are a great way to have fun and socialize with fellow students and the Ixchel team!

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Salsa Lessons

Salsa lesson Salsa lesson

Salsa is not only an important and well-known part of the Latin American culture, the dance is also becoming more and more popular in other parts of the world, particularly in North America and Europe.

We organize Salsa lessons for our students just about every week in cooperation with a Salsa school here in Antigua Guatemala. The lessons take about an hour and are given by a professional and experienced Salsa teacher.

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Tour to the Pacaya Volcano

Pacaya tour Pacaya tour

The Pacaya Volcano, located just south of Guatemala City, is one of Guatemala's most popular destinations.

Pacaya is still active, but most of the time the activity is low-key enough that it is safe to climb. With a bit of luck you'll even see glowing lava!

Pacaya's proximity to Guatemala City makes it easy to access and we organize a tour to the volcano almost every week.

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Classes on the Beach in Monterrico

Classes on the beach Classes on the beach

The beach in Monterrico on Guatemala's Pacific coast is one of the country's most popular beaches. Black or dark gray volcanic sand distinguishes it from the typical white-sand Caribbean beaches.

If you're getting bored of always having your Spanish classes in the school, take a trip to Monterrico and have them right on the beach!

Of course you'll also have time to swim in the Pacific ocean and work on your tan.

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Bike and Motorbike Tours

Bike tour Motorbike tour

Many attractions in the center of Antigua Guatemala are within easy walking distance, but there are others on the outskirts of town that visitors often miss.

A bike or motorbike tour of Antigua's outlying areas and neighboring villages will lead you to many fascinating monuments and ruins.

Breakfast or Lunch in the School

Breakfast in the school Lunch in the school

The Guatemalan cuisine knows many tasty and nutritious dishes beyond the proverbial beans, rice and tortillas.

Sometimes we all get together to have breakfast or lunch in the school. It's a great opportunity not only to try a new dish but also to chat with fellow students, teachers and the Ixchel team.

Mayan Ceremonies

Mayan ceremony Mayan ceremony

The Mayan culture is still very much alive in Guatemala. Maximon, a unique mix of a Mayan idol and a Christian saint, plays an important role in the daily life of Guatemala's indigenous population.

Visit the temple of Maximon in San Andres Itzapa and watch an authentic Mayan ceremony – or even ask Maximon for a favor yourself!

Walking Tour to Cerro de la Cruz

View from Cerro de la Cruz Cerro de la Cruz

Cerro de la Cruz (The Hill of the Cross) is a small hill just north of Antigua from where you'll have a magnificent view of Antigua and the surrounding mountains and volcanoes.

It is an easy walk and there are stairs to help you get up the last part of the hill where it gets a bit steep. Don't forget to bring your camera!

Learn How to Make Tortillas

Making tortillas Making tortillas

Tortillas are an essential part of just about every meal in Guatemala. Easy to make, tasty and nutrious, they have become popular outside of Latin America too.

Have you ever wondered how they are made? We show you how to do it – from a heap of corn flour to a tasty tortilla in three easy steps!

Holiday, Welcome & Farewell Parties

parties/party Parties

You can't study Spanish all the time! Every now and then you need to take a break to socialize and have a good time!

Occasionally we organize welcome and farewell parties, particularly for groups. We also like to celebrate important international holidays, like the 4th of July, so you feel a little bit more at home.

Tour to the Gallo Brewery

Gallo Brewery Gallo Brewery

Gallo is by far the most popular beer in Guatemala and Cerveceria Centroamericana in Guatemala City, where Gallo is made, is the largest brewery in Central America.

A tour to Cerveceria Centroamericana is a great opportunity to see how a modern brewery works and, of course, taste our favorite beer!

Tour to Chichicastenango

Chichicastenango Chichicastenango

The market in Chichicastenango is one of the largest outdoor markets in Latin America and famous for a huge selection of typical Mayan goods – from clothes to Mayan ceremonial masks.

Visit the market together with your teacher! You will not only learn a lot about the Mayan culture, but also pick up plenty of new vocabulary!

Cooking Typical Guatemalan Meals

cooking cooking

Guatemalan cuisine is much more than rice, beans and tortillas! Many tasty dishes are eaten year round, others are reserved for special occasions.

Some of Guatemala's typical dishes are fairly easy to cook and we show you how to do it! Afterwards we all get together and have a delicious, typical Guatemalan lunch!

Tour to the Mayan Ruins of Iximche

Iximche Iximche

Iximche, the capital of the Kaqchikel Maya in the late 15th and early 16th century, is one of the most important post-Classic Mayan ruins in Guatemala.

Located near the town of Tecpan, Iximche is easy to reach from Antigua and will give you a fascinating glimpse into the history and architecture of the Maya of the post-Classic era.

Tour of a Coffee Farm

Coffee farm Coffee farm

Coffee is one of Guatemala's most important export products and some of the best coffee in the world is grown in the area around Antigua Guatemala.

Visit a coffee plantation on the outskirts of Antigua and see how the famous Guatemalan coffee is grown and processed. Of course you can also try a cup or two!

More Activities

  • Watching Spanish movies
  • Tour of the historic center of Guatemala City
  • Soccer games students vs teachers
  • Running tour of Antigua
  • Visiting museums in Antigua
  • Scrabble tournaments
  • Round-table discussions
  • Talks about Guatemalan culture, history or current events

What Our Students Say ...

Janet Boakes

The school offers excursions to different areas around Antigua. Every day after four hours of classes, I went sight-seeing. For example, one day I went on a guided bicycle tour. Another day, we visited a coffee farm and a macadamia nut farm. Another day I rode a horse on a trail to see one of the volcanoes in the surrounding area. At my request, the school arranged a guided tour to Lake Atitlan, a beautiful, majestic lake surrounded by volcanoes. All of these excursions were very interesting and enjoyable.

I highly recommend Ixchel School to anyone who would like to learn – or improve his or her – Spanish. Guatemala is a beautiful country. The people are friendly and helpful. The weather in Antigua is spectacular and the city is a historic jewel. A stay at Ixchel is a very rewarding experience!

Janet Boakes, New York, USA

Alberto Bigoni

I have been studying at Ixchel Spanish School for five weeks. It is a professional and well managed school. The staff is friendly and you can rely on them. I really appreciate my lessons and I have learned a lot. Activities organized for the afternoon were very interesting too.

The atmosphere in the school is very friendly, I met a lot of other students that were studying at this school like me. My weeks at Ixchel were definitely positive, I'd suggest to study here if you want to learn Spanish, know Antigua and meet new friends.

Alberto Bigoni, Italy

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