Immersion Spanish Courses in Antigua Guatemala

Airport Transfer to Antigua Guatemala

Most travelers who fly to Guatemala from the U.S., Europe or other parts of the world arrive at La Aurora International Airport in Guatemala City.

La Aurora International Airport is approximately 45 km (30 miles) from Antigua Guatemala and the ride takes roughly 40 to 50 minutes, depending on traffic.

We'll be happy to pick you up at the airport when you arrive. Our airport transfer service is available anytime, night or day, including on weekends and national holidays. We'll take you from the airport directly to your host family or other accommodations in Antigua.

We provide private transportation from the airport directly to Antigua in a comfortable minivan. Professional and courteous drivers make sure you'll have a safe and enjoyable ride.

Most important: We will keep an eye on your flight and if it is delayed, the driver will wait for you. Thus you don't need to worry about getting stranded at the airport if your flight arrives later than expected.

Our airport transfer service can be used by all travelers. Participating in a Spanish course at Ixchel Spanish School is not a requirement for booking your airport transfer with us.

La Aurora International Airport

Most travelers arrive at La Aurora International Airport in Guatemala City. We'll pick you up right there and take you straight to Antigua.

Other Transportation Options

Taxi at La Aurora International Airport Shuttle bus Public bus

Taxis are usually available in front of the airport, but you may have to stand in line for a while, especially if you are among the last passengers to go through immigration and customs and several dozen others get in line ahead of you.

Few taxis are metered in Guatemala and you'll need to negotiate the price of the trip with the driver before you get in. Depending on your negotiating skills, taxis are about 20 to 50 percent more expensive than Ixchel's airport transfer service.

During daytime hours, shuttle buses that have dropped off passengers at the airport are often available for the trip back to Antigua, but they are not an entirely dependable option, especially if you arrive early in the morning or late at night.

Minibuses are slightly cheaper than our pickup service, but you'll have to share them with eight to ten other people and they have no fixed schedules; they leave when they are full.

For the really brave, there are also public buses. While they are unbeatably cheap, they are also very slow and uncomfortable. We recommend you don't take public buses if you arrive after dark or carry a lot of luggage. Also, you'll need to beware of pickpockets and bag snatchers and watch your belongings carefully.

We believe that our airport pickup service is the easiest, safest and most comfortable way to get here. Give it a try and see for yourself!

Flights to Guatemala


Flights to Guatemala are easily available from several locations in the U.S. as well as Mexico, Central and South America. There's also a non-stop flight from Madrid, Spain, to Guatemala City.

For travelers from other parts of the world, it's probably most convenient to fly to a hub in the U.S. and catch a flight to Guatemala City from there. If it's not practical to go through the U.S., traveling via Mexico City, Cancun, San Salvador or Panama City might also be an option.

Please note: When traveling to Antigua Guatemala, you need to book a flight to Guatemala City (airport code GUA). Do not book a flight to Antigua Bird International Airport (airport code ANU); Antigua Bird International is located on the island of Antigua in the Caribbean.

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What Our Students Say ...

Samantha Smith

When I first arrived in Guatemala 3 weeks ago, I could barely say more than "no comprendo" in Spanish. It's amazing how far I've progressed in the little time I've spent at the school. I now have the knowledge and confidence to participate in conversations with Guatemalans!

Equally important as the quantity of learning I achieved is the quality; I found my classes so enjoyable, my teacher understood my learning style as well as my need for a mid-morning coffee. The relaxed atmosphere of the school is something I really appreciated!

Samantha Smith, Australia

Yasushi Tsunematsu

I had a wonderful time studying in the school for 12 weeks. I had never studied the Spanish language before I came to Antigua. The only words I knew in Spanish were "Hola" and "Donde está el baño?"

However, the teachers gave me lessons at my own level with well-organized programs. Due to the one on one lessons, I was able to spend a lot of time having conversations with my friendly teacher and really enjoyed that. This has made my Spanish improve. I'd like to give my best regards and many thanks to Helen, Stephany and all the staff in the school for their generous support.

Yasushi Tsunematsu, Japan

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