Immersion Spanish Courses in Antigua Guatemala

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Spanish as a second language is becoming more and more important for many people of various professions and nationalities, especially in areas with a high percentage of Spanish speakers. Globalization of the economy and the ease of international travel is another reason why speaking Spanish is a valuable skill whose importance is only going to increase.

Many college and university students attend our courses and we realize the necessity for them to receive credits for their studies. Therefore we offer a special program in cooperation with Universidad Da Vinci de Guatemala that allows you to get credits for the courses you take here at Ixchel Spanish School.

One-on-one Spanish lessons allow you to progress much more rapidly than group classes. Our total immersion Spanish program is a significantly faster and more efficient way of learning Spanish than any other kind of Spanish course!

While you study at Ixchel Spanish School, we will also enroll you in Universidad Da Vinci de Guatemala. A representative of the university will give the final exam and the university will also issue the course certificates, which will be notarized by the Foreign Ministry of Guatemala.

Credits for our courses can be transferred to many colleges and universities worldwide. To be on the safe side, though, we recommend you discuss this with a representative of your college or university to make sure they will let you transfer credits from Universidad Da Vinci de Guatemala in Guatemala City.

One-on-one Spanish Lesson

Ixchel's teachers are all native Spanish speakers and have received extensive training. They have many years of experience teaching Spanish as a second language to foreign students.

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Our Spanish courses in the accredited format consist of nive levels:

Español 100Beginner I75 hours3 credits
Español 101Beginner II50 hours2 credits
Español 102Beginner III50 hours2 credits
Español 200Intermediate I50 hours2 credits
Español 201Intermediate II50 hours2 credits
Español 202Intermediate III50 hours2 credits
Español 300Advanced I50 hours2 credits
Español 301Advanced II50 hours2 credits
Español 302Advanced III50 hours2 credits

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One-on-one lesson One-on-one lesson One-on-one lesson
One-on-one lesson One-on-one lesson One-on-one lesson

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What Our Students Say ...

Christine Akoh

I truly enjoyed my experience at the Ixchel Spanish School. It was a great way for me to brush up on my Spanish skills after spending 4 years without classes. The one-on-one teaching style that Ixchel offers is a highlight of the program. The pace and content of the class is designed around you.

My teacher was amazing as well. We could talk about anything, and she always made learning Spanish fun – whether it was with games or jokes we would tell each other.

Christine Akoh, USA

Katelyn Piche

Ixchel is a great school for a beginning student, and those with a background. The teachers are very friendly, patient, and well trained for all levels. I learned a lot in my 6 weeks here and wish I could continue.

Along with excellent one on one instruction, Ixchel provides wonderful homestays for individuals looking for a little extra practice, as well as nearly daily tours of the surrounding area.

I have enjoyed my experience immensely and highly recommend Ixchel for anyone looking for a good school in Antigua.

Katelyn Piche, Saskatchewan, Canada

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