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Spanish for Children

Children learn a new language much more easily than adults. The earlier children are exposed to a foreign language, the easier it is for them to pick up grammar and vocabulary and learn to communicate naturally with native speakers.

Here at Ixchel Spanish School we have developed special courses for children that teach Spanish in a playful and fun way that is adapted to children's interests and learning styles at different ages.

Now your entire family can learn Spanish while you are in Antigua!

Spanish for Children is taught by teachers that were specially trained to work with children. Most of them also hold degrees as elementary school teachers.

There is no fixed minimum age, but children participating in this course should be able to read and write on at least a basic level. For younger children we can arrange childcare while their parents are in class.

Spanish for Children

Course Content

Spanish for Children is available for children of all age groups and is adapted to their needs and interests.

Young children learn Spanish in a playful way that catches their interest and makes their first steps into the Spanish language interesting and fun. Games, songs and multimedia are used to encourage children to develp their communication skills.

For older children, the lessons become more structured and include more elements to develp their knowledge of the Spanish grammar and build their vocabulary in a more formal way.

For children in their mid-teens and up, grammar lessons and exercises become more similar to those in the adult courses. Conversation practice revolves around topics that interest teenagers and games still play an important part.

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What Our Students Say ...

Sophia Vanslyke

I am 9 years old and going in to 4th grade. I have been to Panama, Costa Rica, and now Guatemala to study Spanish but I have had the best experience and learned the most here. I would recommend this school to many people. The teachers are great and the school is nice plus there is a nice garden in back. The school is pretty close to Iglesia de Merced and the central park. So it is a good school!

If I could pick a favorite teacher it would hard because they are all nice but Stephany would be my favorite because she is fun, nice, and awesome! She's already teaching me past and future tense with irregular verbs!

Sophia Vanslyke, age 9

Owen Dearborn

I like my teacher in my Spanish class. Her name is Stephany. Me and Stephany play a lot of games like chomp and hangman. Luisa is nice too. She is my brother's teacher. Maria is also nice. She works in the office of the school and she also babysits us when our mom is getting her massage at the massage place.

We go on lots of trips but there is a lot of walking, like me and Stephany went to a market on a chicken bus and learned a little Spanish with names of fruits and money. And we go to the park sometimes and we went to a macadamia nut farm too.

Owen Dearborn, age 8

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