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Spanish for Flight Attendants

In this day of globalization, international travel and the growing importance of the Latin American market, airline employees often find themselves in situations where they need to communicate with customers who speak Spanish only.

Speaking Spanish is becoming very important for flight attendants and other airline employees with direct customer contact as it enables you to give better service to your Spanish speaking passengers and may even be of vital importance in emergency situations.

Ixchel was the first Spanish school in Antigua Guatemala that developed a special course for flight attendants and other airline personnel. We have expanded and perfected Spanish for Flight Attendants for several years and received much praise from participants who feel that this course goes a long way towards preparing them for interactions with Spanish speaking passengers.

Key to the success of this course is that you will not simply memorize lists of words and phrases. That's a necessary part of it, of course, but we don't stop there! Exercises, practice conversations and roll play with your teacher will help you to practice your skills in realistic situations and boost your confidence in your ability to communicate effectively with native Spanish speakers.

Speaking Spanish is a valueable asset that will help you to get ahead in these difficult economic times. Sign up for your Spanish course today!

One-on-one Spanish Lesson

Ixchel's teachers are all native Spanish speakers and have received extensive training. They have many years of experience teaching Spanish as a second language to foreign students.

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Course Content

Spanish for Flight Attendants covers a wide range of situations you will encounter before, during and after the flight, such as

  • reservations and booking
  • check-in and boarding
  • in-flight announcements, safety, take-off and landing instructions
  • passenger service and inquiries during the flight
  • emergency situations

During your Spanish course will not only learn words and phrases related to air travel, but also improve your general knowledge of the Spanish language and your ability to clearly express yourself in many different situations.

Spanish for Flight Attendants is suitable for students of all levels. Besides airline-related vocabulary you will also study general vocabulary and grammar to improve your comprehension and communication skills in general.

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What Our Students Say about Spanish for Flight Attendants ...

Nina George

I have had a great experience at the school. The grounds are quiet, relaxing and it's good to be outside. My teacher Carmen was very patient and great at explaining things. The pace of classes was also very good, lots of information but good! And a good mix of exercises and conversation.

Thank you! I am just starting but think I have learned a lot.

Nina George, Australia

Samantha Smith

When I first arrived in Guatemala 3 weeks ago, I could barely say more than "no comprendo" in Spanish. It's amazing how far I've progressed in the little time I've spent at the school. I now have the knowledge and confidence to participate in conversations with Guatemalans!

Equally important as the quantity of learning I achieved is the quality; I found my classes so enjoyable, my teacher understood my learning style as well as my need for a mid-morning coffee. The relaxed atmosphere of the school is something I really appreciated!

Samantha Smith, Australia

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