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Spanish for Travelers

Traveling in a foreign country poses many challenges. Different customs, procedures and mentalities can make seemingly simple tasks time consuming and complicated. Add a foreign language you don't understand and the situation may become totally confusing and frustrating.

Speaking Spanish, if only on a basic level, will make traveling a Spanish-speaking country so much more enjoyable! Not only will you be able to deal with standard situations much more efficiently, you'll also communicate more easily with the people you meet and learn about the country, its culture and customs.

Ixchel was the first Spanish school in Antigua Guatemala that developed a special course for travelers. We have expanded and perfected Spanish for Travelers for several years and received much praise from participants who feel that this course goes a long way towards preparing them for their tours around Latin America.

Key to the success of this course is that you will not simply memorize lists of words and phrases. That's a necessary part of it, of course, but we don't stop there! Exercises, practice conversations and roll play with your teacher will help you to practice your skills in realistic situations and boost your confidence in your ability to communicate effectively with native Spanish speakers.

Make the most of your trip to Latin America and learn a bit of Spanish before you hit the road. Sign up for your Spanish course today!

One-on-one Spanish Lesson

Ixchel's teachers are all native Spanish speakers and have received extensive training. They have many years of experience teaching Spanish as a second language to foreign students.

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Course Content

We designed Spanish for Travelers specifically for travelers who speak no or very little Spanish yet and want to learn enough Spanish to get by in Guatemala or other Latin American countries.

Spanish for Travelers focuses on vocabulary and basic grammar you will need to communicate in standard situations, like

  • airports and bus terminals
  • hotels and restaurants
  • travel agencies and tourist information
  • markets and stores
  • banks
  • post office, telephone and Internet cafes
  • doctors, dentists and hospitals

and many other situations you are likely to encounter while you are traveling in a Spanish speaking country.

Spanish for Travelers is designed to be completed in one week (20-25 hours). However, for students who have a bit more time we also have a two-week course (40-50 hours) that covers the above topics in more detail.

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What Our Students Say about Spanish for Travelers ...

Sean Buchan

I studied over the course of 3 weeks with a friend at Ixchel Spanish School and I am so glad I chose to.

My Spanish is now conversational, which is great for our future travelling in this part of the world. The homestay component is really useful for helping that kind of Spanish and thoroughly recommended. The family we were with were so genuine and loved having us around. It was an absolute delight to be staying there.

Sean Buchan, UK

Ales Budin

I liked learning Spanish at Ixchel Spanish School in Antigua very much! A big thank you to my teachers Silvia and Carmen, to Aliz for all her help, and to Rosita for the good coffee.

I will definitely return to Ixchel in the future to continue my lessons and learn more Spanish.

Ales Budin, Czech Republic

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