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Special Courses

Here at Ixchel Spanish School we don't believe in One Size Fits All. We understand that a nurse taking a patient's medical history needs different skills than a flight attendant giving safety instructions or a businessman negotiating a contract.

Where other Spanish schools fail, Ixchel excels: We teach you the kind of Spanish you really need!

We have developed special courses for a variety of professions, like medical professionals, flight attendants and business people. We also have special courses for travelers, volunteers, and children of all age groups.

Last but not least we also offer special preparation courses for students who want to take the DELE exam.

All these courses are taught by experienced teachers who have received extensive training. They concentrate fully on you and plan your lessons according to your needs and interests.

There's no better way to acquire the skills you need than intensive one-on-one lessons at Ixchel!

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Special Courses

We offer special courses for professionals, travelers and families with children

We offer a variety of special courses so you can learn the kind of Spanish you really need.

Study Spanish and Travel

Visit Guatemala's most fascinating destinations together with your teacher and study Spanish while you travel!

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Study Spanish and Volunteer

Donate your time and skills to help Guatemala's poor and disadvantaged and put a smile on their face!

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Study Spanish and Dance

Salsa is becoming more and more popular all over the world. If you've always wanted to learn Salsa, your stay in Antigua is a good time to start!

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Spanish for Children

We offer Spanish courses for children of all age groups. The lessons are given by teachers who were specially trained to work with children.

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Spanish for Travelers

Traveling in Latin America is so much more fun if you speak at least basic Spanish. Spanish for Travelers will prepare you well!

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Spanish for Flight Attendants

This course was designed to help flight attendants and other airline employees communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking passengers.

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Business Spanish

From human resources to banks and taxes, our Business Spanish course covers many areas where business people need to speak Spanish.

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Medical Spanish

Medical Spanish is the ideal course for healthcare professionals who need to communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking patients.

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DELE Preparation

DELE is one of the most highly regarded certificates, both academically and in the business world. We prepare you well for the exam!

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