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Year after year hundreds of students from all over the world take an immersion Spanish course at Ixchel Spanish School. Our students come from a wide variety of countries and social backgrounds. All age groups from teenagers to senior citizens are represented.

Everyone is most welcome!

We don't just provide Spanish classes and accommodations. We offer a full range of services – from daily cultural activities to airport transfers and weekend tours, from bike rental and free internet access to childcare – and do whatever we can to make your stay with us a unique learning experience you won't forget anytime soon.

Many students return to Antigua Guatemala again and again, whenever they have a week or two to travel, to continue learning Spanish. Often they even bring friends and family because they know they will have a great time at Ixchel and enjoy the fascinating culture and history of Guatemala.

Don't just take our word for it! Read the testmonials below that our students wrote about Ixchel!

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Immersion Spanish Courses in Antigua Guatemala

Students from all over the world attend our immersion courses and are very happy with our services!

Students from all over the world attend our immersion courses and are very happy with our services!

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What Students Say About Ixchel's Immersion Spanish Courses ...

Debbie & Stephen Buckner

Debbie & Stephen Buckner, Pennsylvania, USA

Our experience here at Ixchel school was great. Our teachers were very patient and the one-on-one teaching was very helpful. Everyone was wonderful. Our meals made by Ana were always delicious.

We will definitely be returning at some point in the future and will recommend the school to anyone interested in learning Spanish. Thank you for everything!

Debbie & Stephen BucknerPennsylvania, USA

Mojca Lajh

Mojca Lajh, Maribor, Slovenia

I am very happy that I chose Ixchel Spanish School. I had a great experience and my Spanish course met my expectations. My teacher Mariela was excellent and I really learned a lot.

I was also very satisfied with all other services; f.e. excursions were very interesting and well organised. I am very thankful to Marleni for all her help. She made my staying in Guatemala even more memorable, because she helped me organize my trips to Panajachel and Biotopo del Quetzal. And of course Ana and Diego – Thanks a lot! – the food was delicious!

I really enjoyed staying and learning at Ixchel and I’ll recomend it to my friends.

Mojca LajhMaribor, Slovenia

Kevin Fritz

Kevin Fritz, California, USA

Over the course of four weeks and eighty hours of one-on-one Spanish tutoring at Ixchel, my conversational skills have grown more than I could have imagined. The school has really developed an efficient and fun study environment and a curriculum that easily conforms to any level of language proficiency.

The professors and the secretary are wonderful and helpful, and the school is located in a perfect part of town. If I had the time, I would extend my course with Ixchel for several more months. I cannot advocate enough the power of language immersion on a daily basis, and Ixchel is the perfect place to begin.

Kevin FritzCalifornia, USA

Candace White

Candace White, Florida, USA

Ixchel definitely met my expectations. It was a nice balance of fun, activities, one-to-one conversation, grammar and exercises. I think just having hours of one-on-one conversation and instruction really helped me build confidence.

My teacher Maria and I laughed everyday – a lot. Laughing is the best way to learn. The children's program is one of the best offerings. I loved that Birdie had intensive one-to-one instruction.

The outdoor areas at the school are inviting and they are great, open-air places to learn. The staff seems happy working together.

Candace WhiteFlorida, USA

Chloe & Chanel Hamilton

Chloe & Chanel Hamilton, Florida, USA

The Spanish course my sister and I participated in surpassed our expectations. We experienced no problems with the lessons or the other services the school provided.

We especially enjoyed the games and being immersed into the local community. It was a great balance of learning Spanish and helping with English.

Chloe & Chanel HamiltonFlorida, USA

Sophia Vanslyke

Sophia Vanslyke, California, USA

Ixchel Spanish School is great for all levels and ages of Spanish speakers. I am 13 years old and it is the third time my mom and I have come to Ixchel. The curriculum covers so much and the teachers are so great.

I always have so much fun while learning Spanish here! My teachers here at Ixchel have always met my expectations.

Sophia VanslykeCalifornia, USA

Patrick Husted

Patrick Husted, New York, USA

There are many people who speak Spanish right in my neighborhood in New York City. I also have two close friends who speak the language. So I decided to learn Spanish even though I was 60 years old. Am I crazy? I don't know but I am having a great time. I wanted to do something difficult that would require discipline and persistence to keep my mind energized.

So I invested in Rosetta Stone and began that slow process of learning some basics. I was talking to my friend one day who speaks fluent French and Spanish and has traveled extensively in the world. He said, "If you want to really up your learning curve you have to begin speaking the language regularly; you have to immerse yourself in it. One of the best places in the world to learn Spanish is Antigua Guatemala because they have terrific schools there."

So I researched them all online and choose Ixchel because their website was the most developed and they responded to all my emails and questions with promptness and a relaxed friendliness. In December 2014, I went there over the Christmas holiday for two weeks, taking four hours of instruction in the morning.

The very first day, I was thrown into deep water without a life preserver (no English) but that proved very helpful in increasing the speed at which I learned. The lifeguard was always on duty. As my brain was no longer the sponge it once was, I knew I had to be patient with myself, and so was my wonderful teacher, Marielos. She always spoke slowly, gently repeating often for me; she also was intuitive. She knew her grammar and explained the rules well and simply until I fully understood.

I got to talk to all the students while I was there, and every single one of them loved their respective teacher. I never heard one complaint or even "She's okay." It was always a rave. In addition, the secretary, Marleni, is smart, organized, and generous of spirit, and her English is superb. You couldn't ask for a better leader and coordinator.

Soon after I returned home I decided to continue my studies online via Skype. I asked for the same teacher, but she was unable to do it. I now have a different teacher whom I also love; I work with her twice a week for 50-minute sessions. After 5 months of home classes and homework, I can detect real improvement.

But still I want to up my game further, so I am going back for a full month in early summer of 2015, to study 20 hours a week again with my same online teacher, Alejandra. I am very excited. I love the town with its cobble stone streets and ancient ruins everywhere, the people, and the incredible surrounding vistas. This visit I expect to have more interactions with people in my daily explorations.

Some folks learn fast, some learn more slowly, but for me it's all about the process of learning. And the process at Ixchel is exceptional.

Patrick HustedNew York, USA

Stella Hodgson

Stella Hodgson, Ontario, Canada

Before booking my trip to Guatemala, I did a lot of research on the internet before finally deciding on Ixchel.

From the moment I walked into the school I was treated as family and nothing was too much trouble. Anything I needed, I just had to ask. The office staff Mafer and Claudia were delightful and Alvaro was always around with his big friendly smile. My teacher Analu was wonderful and so very patient with me, enabling me to go from zero Spanish to being able to hold a reasonable conversation.

I chose homestay at the school and really lucked out. All the food served up by the wonderful Ana was delicious, nutritious and varied. I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed all of her amazing meals. My room was clean (thank you, Sara!), bright and what a treat to wake up each morning to look out from the terrace at the awesome 360 degree view of the surrounding hills and volcanoes.

There were lots of trips available through the school, with something for everyone and all at a reasonable rate and in some cases free.

I spent my 60th birthday at the school and was surprised with a birthday cake, flowers from Analu and all the teachers and students singing "Feliz Cumpleaños". This wasn't a birthday I was particularly looking forward to, but it really was the best one of my life. Thank you to everyone who helped make it such a special day.

I came here for 7 weeks and stayed for 10. I think that says it all...

Stella HodgsonOntario, Canada

Helen Jack

Helen Jack, USA

I came to Ixchel because a couple of friends recommended it to me as the best Spanish school in Antigua. It lived up to all of my expectations and to their high praise. I had almost no Spanish when I started, and I wanted to learn as fast as possible because I hope to be able to work with Spanish-speaking populations when I enter medical school a year from now in the US.

After 5 weeks in Guatemala and with the help of Ixchel, I am now comfortably conversational. My Spanish is far from perfect, but I can express any idea that I need or want to. My teacher was incredibly patient and provided thorough and clear explanations of grammatical concepts. Our classes were a combination of grammar review, drill, and conversation practice.

I chose to live with a host family who lived in a village just outside of Antigua. This was one of the best choices that I made because it allowed for more complete immersion and a more authentic experience than living closer to the center of the city. My host family was incredibly open and welcomed me into their family life.

Overall, I never ceased to be impressed by the professionalism, organization, flexibility, and positive, welcoming attitude of all of the Ixchel staff. Muchas gracias!

Helen JackUSA

Coen van Berkel

Coen van Berkel, Netherlands

The Ixchel Spanish School in Antigua is a great place to learn Spanish. The school is about five minutes away from the plaza.

I followed a 3 week course with the "maestro" called Hellen. A very nice and good teacher that welcomed me in the Spanish language. Every morning at 8 a.m. my classes with Hellen started just in front of my room!

My room was huge, two beds, television, big bathroom and very clean. The school also has two terraces with great view of the three volcanoes by which Antigua is surrounded. The food and personality of Ana, the hostess of the homestay situated in the school itself, are simply amazing. I found that the homestay is, apart from “extra Spanish lessons”, a great way to learn more about Guatemalan food.

The rest of the staff also are very nice, friendly, helpful, and fun people. I had some great time with them during small parties at the school.

A great place!

Coen van BerkelNetherlands

David Cooley

David Cooley, California, USA

I was initially attracted to the Ixchel Spanish language school because of their online Skype lessons. I figured it would be a good way to get a sense of the quality of their program without having to make a big commitment. Thanks to the professionalism of their office staff, I had no trouble setting up a free online Skype lesson. That first lesson convinced me to purchase a package of five 50 minutes online lesson and I was impressed with the availability of class time and flexibility of the instructors.

After several months of the online lessons, I decided to go to Antigua in order to study at Ixchel. My transportation and living arrangements were handled with great attention and once again, I was very satisfied with the school's customer service and logistical management.

After several weeks of intensive classes at Ixchel, my level of Spanish increased dramatically. Because of the emphasis on both grammar and conversation, the classes truly benefit those students who are serious about improving their ability to speak.

Ixchel also offer a very personable learning environment. Everyone that I met was genuinely friendly and caring. And because of the quality of my classes, as well as the overall atmosphere of the school, my impression is that Ixchel is unique in the way that teaching Spanish seems to be more of a vocation rather than merely a business. I am very grateful to have found this program and without hesitation, I will recommend Ixchel to anyone looking for quality Spanish instructor.

David CooleyCalifornia, USA

Victor Yang

Victor Yang, UK

I absolutely loved my time at Ixchel in March and April of 2013. I looked forward to class every day with my teacher Stephany. Our lessons were on the terrace, and they were full of conversations of grammar, laughter, and social justice in Guatemala.

I know that Stephany loves her job and has so much talent for teaching – after three weeks, I was conversational in Spanish. I have continued lessons through Skype, and my friends ask me how I love my Spanish teacher so much – she is now a good friend and I feel like I can tell her anything.

I highly recommend Ixchel to all!

Victor YangUK

Anne Sayre

Anne Sayre, USA

My experience at Ixchel Spanish School could not have been better. Because I already speak a good deal of Spanish, I had some concern about the outcome of classes.

After an hours of conversation, my teacher knew exactly what I needed. She was professional, fun to be with and an excellent teach. The flowers and humming birds provide a lovely surrounding in which to study.

I would highly recommend Ixchel to students at all levels of Spanish. I also enjoyed immensely the family in our homestay.

Anne SayreGeorgia, USA

Sophia Vanslyke

Sophia Vanslyke, age 9

I am 9 years old and going in to 4th grade. I have been to Panama, Costa Rica, and now Guatemala to study Spanish but I have had the best experience and learned the most here. I would recommend this school to many people. The teachers are great and the school is nice plus there is a nice garden in back. The school is pretty close to Iglesia de Merced and the central park. So it is a good school!

If I could pick a favorite teacher it would be hard because they are all nice but Stephany would be my favorite because she is fun, nice, and awesome! She's already teaching me past and future tense with irregular verbs!

Sophia VanslykeCalifornia, USA

Niels Ballegaard

Niels Ballegaard, Denmark

I attended Ixchel for two weeks in order to improve my spoken and presentation skills in Spanish as I need this for business.

I had communicated with Maria several times in advance to ensure that my requirements would be fulfilled. I spent every morning session with Carmen and she was excellent in conforming to my requirements and continuously participating in my chosen subjects of discussion as well as sticking to the agenda. I also spent a number of afternoons with Stephanie and I would equally recommend her as well.

Over the weekend I went on a tour of indigenous Mayan areas with a tour guide, Juan Carlos. He had an incredible amount of knowledge of the country as well as the culture. I would definitely recommend any student of Ixchel to go on a tour with him.

My verbal and presentation skills have definitely improved and I feel that my objective has been met.

All in all a great place, good school and engaging teachers. A+

Niels BallegaardDenmark

Yasushi Tsunematsu

Yasushi Tsunematsu, Japan

I had a wonderful time studying in the school for 12 weeks. I had never studied the Spanish language before I came to Antigua. The only words I knew in Spanish were "Hola" and "Donde está el baño?"

However, the teachers gave me lessons at my own level with well-organized programs. Due to the one on one lessons, I was able to spend a lot of time having conversations with my friendly teacher and really enjoyed that. This has made my Spanish improve. I'd like to give my best regards and many thanks to Helen, Stephany and all the staff in the school for their generous support.

I'm very grateful that the school introduced this wonderful host family to me. To be honest, I was very worried about many things such as food, accommodation, hot showers, what the family is like etc. However, the family was very welcoming and kind to me all of the time. Every meal was served hot and when I told Mirna that I would like to eat rice, she met my wish with a smile.

Regarding any other anxieties, she has really taken care of everything in order to give me a very comfortable stay. It was so nice to converse with them and to learn various things about Guatemala. I can't thank you enough!

Yasushi TsunematsuJapan

Janelle ten Cate

Janelle ten Cate, USA

For me, Ixchel was the best way to start my travels. The school was very welcoming and provided me with an amazing teacher. The family that lives at the school is very helpful and provides amazing meals.

I stayed for 5 weeks which was of course too short but my teacher Isabel provided me with an excellent introduction to Spanish and a good foundation of grammar and vocabulary.

Janelle ten Cate BrouwerUSA

Catarina Lovgren

Catarina Lovgren, Switzerland

I studied Spanish at Ixchel for three weeks and I'm very happy with my decision. My teacher, Ana Pereira, together with all the others employees at the school, are super nice. They arrange activities after school for you but also help out with other necessary information that is good to know in Antigua.

The school it self is very cosy. And you can relax on their terrace after class, together with a great view over Antigua's rooftops.

Catarina LovgrenSwitzerland

Charlie Beal

Charlie Beal, USA

This is my third time to visit Ixchel Spanish School. I started out as an absolute beginner and did not understand anything.

Now I am able to converse with people in Spanish, I can express myself very well in Spanish and also understand Spanish when it is spoken. My teacher Angelica is the best. I would highly recommend Ixchel to anyone.

Charlie BealOklahoma, USA

Katelyn Piche

Katelyn Piche, Saskatchewan, Canada

Ixchel is a great school for a beginning student, and those with a background. The teachers are very friendly, patient, and well trained for all levels. I learned a lot in my 6 weeks here and wish I could continue.

Along with excellent one on one instruction, Ixchel provides wonderful homestays for individuals looking for a little extra practice, as well as nearly daily tours of the surrounding area.

I have enjoyed my experience immensely and highly recommend Ixchel for anyone looking for a good school in Antigua.

Katelyn PicheSaskatchewan, Canada

Alberto Bigoni

Alberto Bigoni, Italy

I have been studying at Ixchel Spanish School for five weeks. It is a professional and well managed school. The staff is friendly and you can rely on them. I really appreciate my lessons and I have learned a lot. Activities organized for the afternoon were very interesting too.

The atmosphere in the school is very friendly, I met a lot of other students that were studying at this school like me. My weeks at Ixchel were definitely positive, I'd suggest to study here if you want to learn Spanish, know Antigua and meet new friends.

Alberto BigoniItaly

Chris Whittaker

Chris Whittaker, USA

It is very telling of the quality of instruction when so many of the students return for their second or third time to Ixchel. Not only that, but they return with friends and family – this kind of loyalty speaks volumes of the program they have developed at Ixchel.

Chris WhittakerUSA

Sophia Schmölz

Sophia Schmölz, Austria

I absolutely enjoyed my time at Ixchel! The teachers and staff are just so welcoming, and it really does feel like a second home in Antigua!

I learned so much in these 3 weeks and I had a great time with Ana Lucia, she's amazing!

The best part of the day was the break though, it's so nice to talk with everybody, hang out in the cafeteria and make new friends! Great people, great school!

Sophia SchmölzAustria

Jill McLeigh

Jill McLeigh, USA

Ixchel is great! They are flexible and offer many activities. The teachers are nice and experienced, and the location is perfect as well!

If you want to stay with a family, their contacts are fabulous. My family was incredibly friendly and the food was delicious!

Jill McLeighUSA

John Down

John Down, Australia

I had a fantastic time! My teacher Helen was amazing and the course co-ordinator Aliz was always ready to greet you with a smile and a cheerful comment.

I would definitely recommend this school to anyone considering studying Spanish in Antigua.

John DownAustralia

Matt Rehm

Matt Rehm, USA

I came to Ixchel for two weeks of Spanish school and received Silvia as my teacher. I had almost no experience. Silvia took her time and had a lot of patience with me. I feel this has been a great start with my second language.

Gracias a Silvia!

Matt RehmUSA

Tiffany Cooper

Tiffany Cooper, USA

Angelica was great! I could not have asked for a better reacher. She was very patient, kind and funny. I plan to continue my Spanish classes through Skype with her.

Thank you Ixchel and Angelica for a great experience.

Tiffany CooperUSA

Buket Sahin

Buket Sahin, Turkey

Helen Martinez is a wonderful teacher with a great personality and in-depth knowledge of grammatical structure.

Gracias Helen! I would highly recommend her to everyone!

Buket SahinTurkey

Ixchel was recommended by my volunteer work agency. My experience with the school was very positive and I successfully learned Spanish.

Speaking very little Spanish at the beginning, I found it very helpful to be able to communicate with the well-trained and always friendly teachers in English. As a first-time visitor to Guatemala, I found the daily activities and excursions very interesting. I learned a lot about beautiful Antigua and got to know many of my fellow students.

The one-on-one lessons are adapted to the student's needs and pace and allow communicating in everyday situations within a few days. Grammar and vocabulary are only part of the lessons; I learned a lot during conversations about cultural and social topics, which gave me many insights into the Guatemalan history and way of life.

I recommend Ixchel to anyone who wants to learn Spanish thoroughly, rapidly and in a nice ambiance.

Anton RettenmayrGermany

When my boyfriend and I first came to Antigua, we were overwhelmed by the number of Spanish schools here!

How could we possibly select a school from so many choices!?

We decided to attend Ixchel Spanish School for the following reasons:

  • They pay their teachers a fair wage.
  • The teachers are fabulous and have lots of experience.
  • The grounds are beautiful and not too noisy.
  • Everything is so flexible here – from afternoon activities to hours/days of lessons.

My teacher, Silvia, was amazing! She was patient and kind and we laughed a lot together! I feel like I learned a lot of important grammar points, and I was impressed by how well organized (yet flexible) my lessons were. She had a set lesson plan for me, but would alter it if there was something in particular that I wanted to know. No doubt, it was a great experience.

Melissa IversonCanada

I have had a great time learning Spanish here and I have learnt a lot in a very short space of time. It's just a shame I only have one week to study. I wish I had more time.

My teacher has been fantastic in helping me learn and has been very patient throughout. I would recommend Ixchel to potential student.

Alex FarrowUK

I have very much enjoyed the classes at the school. Not being able to speak any Spanish I was nervous, but Gloria immediately made me feel comfortable. All the lessons have been lots of fun and she has been very patient with me. I have learnt lots in just 5 days!

The homestay has been great! The family were very welcoming and we were very comfortable. It was great being able to practice what we had learnt that day with the family and other students.

The whole experience has been fantastic and I am sad to leave.

Emma KrysUK

I liked the Ixchel school very much and especially my teacher Isabel. She is very friendly and we had a lot of fun together. In four weeks I learned more Spanish than I had expected. Ixchel is a great school and I recommend it to everyone.

The homestay was great too – very comfortable and clean, and the people were very friendly.

In short, I had a great time and learned a lot!

Michaela AnnenSwitzerland

I truly enjoyed my classes at Ixchel Spanish School. The people here were so nice and helpful. In less than 2 weeks I was able to hold conversations with people, which surprised me very much. My teacher was amazing and I look forward to continuing my education via Skype. I highly recommend this school.

Cher RodgersUSA

This course was excellent. I was well received and received excellent instruction from both my teachers, Carmen and Ana Lucia. I want to specially commend Carmen for her competence and professionalism (I spent most of the time with Carmen – 4 hours daily).

I have already recommended this school to some of my colleagues in Belize and will definitely return again another time in the future.

Aisha AndrewinBelize

My husband and I found Ixchel after we were in Antigua for a few days. To tell the truth, we didn't do much research and decided to visit a few schools in order to make our decision. Our very first impression of Ixchel was positive! We entered into a lovely courtyard and were greeted by Alicia. Wow! Extremely positive, able to speak English and a wonderful sense of humor. So... we booked not knowing who our teacher would be.

We could not have asked for a better maestra. Angelica has proven to be absolutely wonderful and the best fit for us. She is not only incredibly intelligent and professional but extremely patient and has conducted our classes with a refreshing sense of humor. After 3 weeks, we are able to understand almost everything and although we are reluctant to speak, we do very well and are able to make ourselves understood.

Thank you, Angelica and Ixchel – we will be back!

Trish KeathingCanada

My comments regarding my teacher Helen are completely positive. Helen is patient, friendly and genuinely interested in helping students learn and understand Spanish. I was very happy to have her as my main teacher. She went the extra mile to make sure that even though I was having some difficulty in grasping some of the principles she was teaching, she always made sure that I was comfortable with the concepts before moving on.

I would recommend Helen to anyone asking about finding a Spanish instructor here in Guatemala. Helen exemplifies the kind of person who should be in any position where patience and an ability to teach the Spanish language is warranted. Helen made my experience at the Ixchel School a very memorable one.

Michael KowalskiUSA

I spent four wonderful weeks at the Ixchel school! I learned more than I had expected and the ambiance here was very helpful for meeting people and getting adjusted to life in Antigua. I had a great time and wish I could stay longer!

Emmy HolstGermany

I really enjoyed studying at Ixchel. The school itself is absolutely beautiful with gardens, a spacious courtyard and little bamboo huts for studying. There is also a roof terrace where you can soak in the sun if you wish.

The school arranges many activities such as hikes to the local volcanoes or salsa classes. My favorite was a tortilla making lesson. Then, of course we got to eat them afterwards.

My tutor was super, she figured out quickly what I needed to work on and could always think of a quick synonym. I would recommend the school to anyone.

Brenda McFarlaneUSA

As the sun broke through the side of Antigua each morning, the days in Antigua and at Ixchel Spanish School only became more fascinating with each day that passed. The staff were friendly, helpful and in times great fun.

Everyday at Ixchel was a blessing and I cannot wait to return to this beautiful school.

Charles MorganAustralia

Ixchel Spanish School was a great place to study. It was very flexible and helpful with finding volunteer opportunities around Antigua. The teachers are very knowledgeable and can work to your level of Spanish. I had a great time!

My host family was incredible! They really took the time to get to know the student and help them out. The meals were plenty and fantastic (and they even taught me how to cook chiles rellenos!). Ixchel is a great place to learn about the culture and meet students from all around the world.

Tom OpitzUSA

I came to Antigua Guatemala not knowing one word of Spanish and left 7 weeks later not only with a solid competency in conversation and grammar, but also with many friendships and incredible experiences. Ixchel's professional staff, combined with its intensive one-on-one tailored curriculum and dedicated teachers provide a fantastic environment to learn Spanish.

Student activities and cultural events organized by the school enrich the experience and the city of Antigua itself is in no short order of festivals, bars and delicious local restaurants. I would highly recommend this school to all ages and insist that a family home-stay that allows for full immersion into culture and customs is ideal for gaining perspective of life in Guatemala.

Hall AlexanderUSA

My experience here in Antigua has been fantastic! I am so sad that I can't stay longer. It is my first time studying Spanish and Gloria has been a great teacher. I've learned so much already in such a short time, and plan to come back as soon as possible, most likely next December again.

My host family are also so nice and have been very kind. I've loved the activities as well, my only wish is that I could stay longer. Muchas Gracias!

Gitti LindnerUSA

It is with pleasure and full confidence I recommend studying Spanish at the Ixchel school in Antigua Guatemala. My 19 years old son and I completed a week of half day study with private tutors who tailored classes to fit our specific needs. In both cases the tutors were wonderful and helped us achieve our goals.

In addition to our classes, we attended a luncheon hosted by the school that allowed us to eat a traditional Guatemalan meal and to meet students from Finland, Sweden, Italy and Australia.

We look forward to returning to Ixchel in the future.

Laura BairUSA

What a great trip! Carmen was fantastic – we mostly chatted, which is really what I need. The family homestay was great, no problems. The school is lovely and everyone very friendly. No complaints from me, except that I don't want to go home!

Susan ForsytheUSA

The school was excellent! My teacher was very professional and I learned a lot! There were interesting free-time activities on offer.

Ixchel is a very good school for learning to speak, especially because the teachers give you many opportunities to practice with them about everyday things.

Antti RonkanenFinland

I studied for four weeks at the Ixchel Spanish School in Antigua and rapidly improved my Spanish so I can converse with local people in town and elsewhere. The teachers at this school are very nice and assist wherever possible to make learning Spanish easier.

For me it was a unique experience with lots of activities and a great studying atmosphere inside a garden pavilion. I recommend this school to anyone and look forward to returning here to further improve my Spanish.

Christian HisserichGermany

Ixchel Spanish School is a fantastic way to learn or improve your Spanish. When I started I knew no Spanish and after only two weeks I was able to understand and contribute to basic conversation.

The family home-stay is a brilliant way to experience the Guatemalan lifestyle. The teachers are great and make learning fun. I hope to return someday.

Sarah BellAustralia

I had an amazing experience at Ixchel School and in Antigua. I met many people from all over the world and visited many places in Guatemala. I really enjoyed my Spanish classes. Working one on one with a teacher provides a relaxed atmosphere for learning. Not only did I learn grammar, but also about Guatemala's history and culture. I lived with a family who welcomed me into their home. I would recommend this opportunity to anyone.

Kristine WalentikUSA

Antigua is a lovely, clean city, with countless comfortable cafes, bars and restaurants to meet new friends. The school is located in the town center and just a few minutes on foot from your host family. Thanks to the individual lessons I could improve my Spanish very well. The school activities are very interesting and a good opportunity to meet other students and locals, as well as to use your Spanish. The last four weeks were great, instructive and an unforgettable experience!

Sandra StudigerSwitzerland

I spent just under four weeks at Ixchel and was very impressed. My teacher was friendly, helpful and very adept at getting across the more intricate aspects of the language.

Every member of staff was always willing to put themselves out on your behalf. The atmosphere was welcoming and a great one for studying and meeting other like-minded people. The weekly activities were varied and enjoyable as were the spontaneous evening fiestas!

My homestay really embellished the whole experience, with tasty and interesting meals. The family were helpful, kind and always willing to chat to help me out with practicing my day's work. I did not meet a right-minded individual who would not highly recommend Ixchel to anyone.

Malcolm LorimerManchester, UK

Beth Reingruber

Beth Reingruber, Illinois, USA

My Spanish lessons were wonderful. My teacher was great and I would highly recommned her to others. She was patient yet pushed me when I needed it. I'm very thankful to have been taking lessons at Ixchel. The teachers, school and staff were truly amazing.

It has been wonderful living here and taking classes here has made my experience fantastic. I’m very happy that I chose Ixchel. I wish I could stay longer!

Beth ReingruberIllinois, USA

I was impressed with the flexibility of the teachers at the school. The classes were always adjustable to morning or afternoon and all teachers were always very much on time. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly and so very patient.

Staying at the school and having meals with Ana's family was a treat and really enjoyable for all students.

Vanita KarpfSwitzerland

I really enjoyed the variety of activities that I did each day. The mixture of conversation, review and drills really kept me engaged.

Alejandra's personality was a perfect fit for me. I really loved seeing her each day. She was nice and energetic. I really appreciated how she forgave my errors with grace and patience.

Kristie KeenerNew York, USA

Samantha Fox

Samantha Fox, Canada

My teacher was a wonderful teacher. He made me feel comfortable when learning, but also pushed me to learn more and more. It was clear he cared about my experience at the school.

Ana and Diego were also amazing, living with them was a dream. It made my first couple weeks in Guatemala very enjoyable.

Samantha FoxCanada

Madeleine Bailey

Madeleine Bailey, California, USA

Ixchel really caters its courses to you, your needs and your interests. It's a fun and incredibly productive way of learning Spanish. My teacher went above and beyond teaching me Spanish by incorporating information about Guatemalan culture during our lessons.

I absolutely loved my experience here. Thank you so much for the energy and organization that went into teaching me Spanish – not to mention the patience! Thank you Silvia!

Madeleine BaileyCalifornia, USA

Amanda Wilson

Amanda Wilson, Iowa, USA

I did a lot of research before choosing a language school in Antigua and Ixchel exceeded my expectations. The daily afternoon activities are a great way to meet new people and see the city.

My teacher – Isabel – was a marvelous teacher! She made sure our lessons were beneficial to my personal life. The atmosphere was relaxed like home and yet so professional.

Amanda WilsonIowa, USA

Rolf Baumbusch

Rolf Baumbusch, Vancouver, Canada

This was my second shot at learning Spanish in Antigua and I consider it very successful.

It is very structured, my teacher was an excellent teacher and coach while it is outstanding to find vocabulary rapidly.

Rolf BaumbuschVancouver, Canada

Grace Dearborn

Grace Dearborn, California, USA

I could literally write page after page about the excellence of Ixchel Spanish School. The school and the people there, from office staff to teachers to support personnel, transformed my 6-week trip to Guatemala with my two young sons from barely tolerable to completely wonderful.

When we were lost the first day, wandering the city for an hour and close to tears with frustration, they sent people out looking for us and brought us in. My teacher, Angelica, took me grocery shopping and to the bank and the fruit market, making what would otherwise be almost insurmountable tasks with my limited Spanish into a cakewalk. She was always flexible and willing to take our classes to the street whenever I had an errand to run or a place I wanted to explore. From her I learned not only Spanish but also how to navigate the city, complete daily tasks with ease, and solve the unforeseen problems that inevitably arise when travelling in a foreign country with kids. I cannot recommend Angelica more highly. She is a skilled language teacher and so much more.

Ixchel was not just our language school, they were a complete cultural and logistical support system. The school arranged our pick-up at the airport and transported us right to the apartment we rented for the 6 weeks. Maria, in the front office, made almost daily calls on my behalf, securing reservations, planning trips, recommending cafes, getting answers to my many questions, planning excursions that the kids might like, and securing a nanny for me one afternoon a week so I could get some much needed time to myself to work or to relax.

The school also went above and beyond for me. When I asked about taking a cooking class they organized one at the school and let me have input on the menu to ensure my boys would enjoy it. They organized a surprise birthday party with a piñata and a cake for my boys on their birthdays (their birthdays are the same week). When my ATM card wouldn’t work and I was out of money, they solved the problem by allowing me to send them a PayPal payment and then giving me the money in cash. When I asked to change my class start time to 9am, instead of 8am, they obliged. In short, every single person I dealt with at Ixchel went the extra mile to make mine and my boys’ experience, both at the school and in Antigua, the best it could be.

And no testimonial would be complete without a shout-out to Stephanie, my 8 year-old son's language teacher. My 8-year old does not have the easiest personality and she was amazing with him. She deserves combat pay for her work with him.

Grace DearbornCalifornia, USA

Mason Dearborn

Mason Dearborn, age 10

My name is Mason and I am 10 years old and I study at Ixchel Spanish School. I am having a great time in Antigua. What I like about my school is that my teachers are very nice and very fun to play with. What I don’t like about school is that I have to wake up very early every morning and I have to concentrate and I have to do a lot of writing and that makes me even more tired.

At school we go on lots of fun field trips like half the time we are on a field trip and half the time we are in the school. I went to the beach with my teacher and to a church with a fun market in front and to the park and to the fruit market. At the fruit market I learned how to say “how much” in Spanish. The school also threw a surprise birthday party for me and my brother when we turned eight and ten.

Mason DearbornCalifornia, USA

Owen Dearborn

Owen Dearborn, age 8

I like my teacher in my Spanish class. Her name is Stephany. Me and Stephany play a lot of games like chomp and hangman. Luisa is nice too. She is my brother's teacher. Maria is also nice. She works in the office of the school and she also babysits us when our mom is getting her massage at the massage place.

We go on lots of trips but there is a lot of walking, like me and Stephany went to a market on a chicken bus and learned a little Spanish with names of fruits and money. And we go to the park sometimes and we went to a macadamia nut farm too.

Owen DearbornCalifornia, USA

Samantha Smith

Samantha Smith, Australia

When I first arrived in Guatemala 3 weeks ago, I could barely say more than "no comprendo" in Spanish. It's amazing how far I've progressed in the little time I've spent at the school. I now have the knowledge and confidence to participate in conversations with Guatemalans!

Equally important as the quantity of learning I achieved is the quality; I found my classes so enjoyable, my teacher understood my learning style as well as my need for a mid-morning coffee. The relaxed atmosphere of the school is something I really appreciated!

My family have been more than just hospitable. For my entire stay I've felt as if I'm a part of their family. It has been such an amazing experience living amongst the day-to-day happenings of a Guatemalan family, getting to know them and their ways. My Spanish has advanced so much more quickly with the help of little corrections and new words here and there. And the food – delicious!

Overall I've thoroughly enjoyed my time with Ixchel, and would definitely love to return at some point in the near future!

Samantha SmithAustralia

Janet Boakes

Janet Boakes, New York, USA

The Ixchel Spanish language school is located in the charming historic town of Antigua Guatemala in a lovely old house with an interior garden. The school provides a private tutor for each student and the classes are held outdoors in the garden amidst flowering plants and foliage. All the personnel at the school are very friendly and helpful.

With regard to my own experience, I spent one week at the school and thoroughly enjoyed it. My teacher, Silvia, was wonderful and patient. In just one week, I learned quite a bit.

I chose the option of staying at the school and eating with a family on-site along with other students for three meals a day. The food was very good and I enjoyed meeting the family and other students.

The school offers excursions to different areas around Antigua. Every day after four hours of classes, I went sight-seeing. For example, one day I went on a guided bicycle tour. Another day, we visited a coffee farm and a macadamia nut farm. Another day I rode a horse on a trail to see one of the volcanoes in the surrounding area. At my request, the school arranged a guided tour to Lake Atitlan, a beautiful, majestic lake surrounded by volcanoes. All of these excursions were very interesting and enjoyable.

I highly recommend Ixchel School to anyone who would like to learn – or improve his or her – Spanish. Guatemala is a beautiful country. The people are friendly and helpful. The weather in Antigua is spectacular and the city is a historic jewel. A stay at Ixchel is a very rewarding experience!

Janet BoakesNew York, USA

Bernard Chang

Bernard Chang, USA

I had a great time at Ixchel Spanish School. I was there to focus on refining my medical Spanish. My teacher Angelica was the highlight of the experience. She was not only extremely patient and a lot of fun to learn from but she was able to truly integrate conversation with some pretty painful (but necessary) grammar lessons.

I am continuing some medical work in Central/South America and I think my time at the school helped lay some of the foundation for the language skills needed.

The school was also well run and had lots of fun activities for students after class.

Thanks so much for a great experience in Guatemala!

Bernard ChangUSA

Sean Buchan

Sean Buchan, UK

I studied over the course of 3 weeks with a friend at Ixchel Spanish School and I am so glad I chose to.

My Spanish is now conversational, which is great for our future travelling in this part of the world. The homestay component is really useful for helping that kind of Spanish and thoroughly recommended. The family we were with were so genuine and loved having us around. It was an absolute delight to be staying there.

The school was very professional, whilst my teacher was great fun. They paced my learning well and ensured I understood everything I needed for the level I was at. They were also very flexible with lessons, allowing us to take 2 weeks' worth of lessons over a period of 3 weeks so we could break when we needed!

The school also organised plenty of extra curricular things for the afternoons and weekends, which was a great way to get to know the other students there.

Many thanks Ixchel!

Sean BuchanUK

Christine Akoh

Christine Akoh, USA

I truly enjoyed my experience at the Ixchel Spanish School. It was a great way for me to brush up on my Spanish skills after spending 4 years without classes. The one-on-one teaching style that Ixchel offers is a highlight of the program. The pace and content of the class is designed around you.

My teacher was amazing as well. We could talk about anything, and she always made learning Spanish fun – whether it was with games or jokes we would tell each other.

My homestay experience was nice. I had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and still integrate myself into a Guatemalan family. All of the meals were delicious, and the entire family was welcoming.

I liked the cultural activities the school organized. It gave me a chance to learn more about the country and its people. I went on a tour of a Macadamia farm, coffee farm, various trips to pueblos and salsa classes. The town of Antigua is also beautiful. There is a mix of modern and traditional restaurants, people, and stores. I would definitely like to return to Ixchel in the future.

Christine AkohUSA

Ales Budin

Ales Budin, Czech Republic

I liked learning Spanish at Ixchel Spanish School in Antigua very much! A big thank you to my teachers Silvia and Carmen, to Aliz for all her help, and to Rosita for the good coffee.

I will definitely return to Ixchel in the future to continue my lessons and learn more Spanish.

Ales BudinCzech Republic

Simon Dybeck

Simon Dybeck, Sweden

My name is Simon and I'm 23 years old. I live in Gothenburg, Sweden, and work as a movie producer. I came to Antigua to study Spanish for six weeks and to experience the country during the weekends. My friend told me about Ixchel Spanish School.

I studied 4 hours per day 5 times a week, from 8:00 to 12:00. My teacher Alejandra had a very good way of teaching me Spanish. She had a good structure in class which made it easy for me to learn. The personnel working at the school were very friendly and helpful. My teacher was also very flexible if I needed to change my studies. I am very satisfied with my time at Ixchel.

Simon DybeckSweden

Nina George

Nina George, Australia

I have had a great experience at the school. The grounds are quiet, relaxing and it's good to be outside.

My teacher Carmen was very patient and great at explaining things. The pace of classes was also very good, lots of information but good! And a good mix of exercises and conversation.

Thank you! I am just starting but think I have learned a lot.

Nina GeorgeAustralia

Natsuki Okamoto

Natsuki Okamoto, Japan

I also took some Spanish classes in Japan but I'm learning more here with Ixchel Spanish School because the structure of the course is very well organised and it is fun to study with the kind teachers intensively – not only the language, but also they teach us a lot of things about Guatemala.

I'm very thankful to my teachers Silvia, Mariela, Ana, Carmen, Elsa and all the staff of the school!

Natsuki OkamotoJapan

Andrew Keely-Dyck

Andrew Keely-Dyck, Canada

Ixchel was very welcoming and the perfect way to settle into Antigua. Although two weeks is too short, it has been a great introduction to Spanish.

I would recommend Ixchel to anyone wanting to learn Spanish, explore Antigua and learn about Guatemalan culture.

I can't wait to come back!

Andrew Keely-DyckCanada

Desiree Cook

Desiree Cook, California, USA

I had the best experience a girl could ask for, especially for the first time I've been out of the country alone. Everyone at the school, students and teachers alike, are so helpful with anything you need.

I loved my teacher Silvia, she and I got along great. She was very patient with me. My homestay family was perfect. They too were very accommodating with whatever you need.

I want to come back in the summer and do it all once again.

Desiree CookCalifornia, USA

Carrie Blauwkamp

Carrie Blauwkamp, USA

I had a very good experience at Ixchel Spanish School. My teacher Isabel was excellent!

I only attended for 2 weeks, but I learned enough to have simple conversations in Spanish and to ask common questions and to understand the answers.

The program was flexible but well organized. I appreciated the focus on grammar and vocabulary.

Carrie BlauwkampUSA

Kiu Cho Wong

Kiu Cho Wong, Hong Kong

I am from Hong Kong. I studied in Ixchel for six weeks. I am very picky for schools, but I would highly recommend Ixchel. For one reason: high-quality, affordable Spanish classes.

I am sure you know there are many Spanish schools in Antigua. Many travelers land in, then prompty leave but everyone loves Ixchel. The quality explains it.

A big thank you to Mariela, Carmen and Aracely. I enjoyed every 6 hours we stayed in these 6 weeks. I will be back.

Kiu Cho WongHong Kong

Bronwyn Hager

Bronwyn Hager, Australia

I enjoyed my time learning Spanish in Antigua very much and would like to stay longer. Ixchel is a very good school. I like the building and the activities. Thanks to my teacher Mariela I learned a lot of Spanish.

My room in the guesthouse was nice too.

Bronwyn HagerAustralia

George Moseley

George Moseley, USA

I wished to become fluent in Spanish because I am teaching courses about health care in Argentina and other Latin America countries. I wish to speak directly to my students and not use translators. I worked with a good tutor in the US, but my learning was too slow. I wanted a more intensive learning experience.

After much Internet research, I focused on schools in Guatemala. My Google search produced a long list of schools with Ixchel Spanish School at the top. I also have a friend who is an archaeologist in Peru. She learned her Spanish at Ixchel and gives it a strong recommendation.

I enrolled with Ixchel through the website. I received an immediate response and several more personal, informative messages from Ray. I was very impressed.

I liked every feature of Ixchel:

  • the setting in a beautiful old residence with trees, plants, birds, a fountain, and interesting architecture
  • the learning cubicles, a little bit secluded, and perfect for a maestra and her student
  • the quality of my teachers (Yoli and Isabel). They are intelligent, friendly, and helpful. We laugh together and became friends.
  • the other wonderful people at Ixchel, especially Aliz, Rosita, and Sergio. It was easy to become good friends with them also. They work very hard and perform their jobs very well.
  • the teaching materials – my notebook and the teachers guide books (I bought copies for myself). They are well written, cover the topics very well, and are easy to understand.
  • the additional activities available to students – cultural, natural, geographical, recreational. There is good diverse selection. They are very inexpensive and a good addition to the Spanish classes.
  • the living arrangements. I lived with a family (Lourdes, Hugo and their two daughters) and it was perfect. They are very friendly, intelligent, and patient with poor Spanish. It's possible to live your own life, come and go as you please. The food for all three meals is wonderful and tasty (I am a vegetarian). There were 7 other students in the house. This can be comforting to some people, and a way to share experiences.
  • there is WIFI in the house and a good TV set if you need that
  • the other students are a diverse mix of different nationalities and ages
  • the overall effect among the teachers, school administrators, host family, and students is of a large extended family with which you can spend as much or as little time as you want

The location in Antigua is very special. Because of its world heritage site status, it is largely protected in its old colonial appearance. The recent earthquakes have left it with some ruins that can be quite interesting.

The people throughout the city (and Guatemala and other developing countries) are exceptional – patient, friendly, and generous. I never saw a single expression of anger.

I have been here a month and feel very satisfied with my progress in learning Spanish. A couple nights ago, I overheard a football match on a TV as I walked by a tienda. The owner beckoned me to join him and a friend (a local football player) to watch the game with them. I spent half an hour watching and talking in Spanish with them. I was surprised I could do it.

I still have much to learn to achieve my Spanish fluency goals. I can think of no better place to continue my studies. I will return for a second month at Ixchel in March 2011.

George MoseleyUSA

Rae Haley

Rae Haley, Canada

Ixchel was an excellent experience for me. The staff was very helpful and friendly, my teacher Silvia was extraordinary and she helped me gain confidence in my speaking and listening comprehension. She was incredibly supportive and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and practice Spanish whenever possible.

Rae HaleyCanada

Judy Osgood

Judy Osgood, USA

Learning Spanish has been a fun retirement challenge for me and the Ixchel School is a great place to do that.

The one on one classes offer so much more than a typical class that there is no comparison.

Judy OsgoodUSA

My week with Ixchel has been a whirlwind! I arrived unsure of what to expect. However, I am leaving with so much.

The teachers and students are warm and friendly. Every morning I sit outside with a view of the volcanoes and speak with my teacher. In the afternoons, I explore different places around Antigua. For example, on Tuesday the school organized a trip to the ruins of Iximche. With my reacher, I saw the Mayan ruins and even was witness to a Mayan ceremony with fire, candles, and chanting. After the ceremony, I shared avocados and tortillas with my teacher. The week ended with a big barbecue for all the students.

I've met so many interesting people! Next time, I will stay longer!

Rose Golder-NovickUSA

I liked my experience in Ixchel. My teacher Maria was great! The lessons fitted my needs and my level and improved my Spanish as much as possible in one week.

The school's secretary gave me a very good service, always cared for me being satisfied and happy. I will, for sure, recommend Ixchel to my friends! Thank you!

Aya LeichtagIsrael

I have really enjoyed the time I have spent here studying and getting to know the town of Antigua and the people here. I'm really happy and pleased with the teaching. Ana is definitely the best Spanish teacher I have ever had! I have learned surprisingly much Spanish in just two weeks and I'm definitely planing to come back for another week or two.

Inessa KeskinenFinland

When I arrived at Ixchel three weeks ago I spoke no Spanish. Living with a local family and taking four hours of classes each day I have learnt a lot, and had many opportunities to practice speaking in Spanish outside of school as well as in it. My teacher and the family have been very supportive in helping me learn, and I am now able to communicate effectively with them.

I have enjoyed lessons at school, as they have had a mixture of exercises and topical conversation with the flexibility to adjust the lesson plans when needed, for example to discuss the day's news.

Susan KendallUK

I am having an amazing experience in Antigua. Living with a family is one of the best ways to get an inside look into the culture of Guatemala and practice Spanish. My teacher is incredibly understanding, patient and funny. I always have a great time during my lessons. Attending the Ixchel Spanish School was a great investment in furthering my knowledge of language and culture.

Lauren JohnsonUSA

The Spanish school Ixchel, which I have attended for several weeks, is a very professional school. The teachers are, in my experience, very qualified and punctual.

The school has a lot of different, interesting activities every week, mainly in the afternoons. The school has a youthful environment, but welcomes students of all ages. I find it a very social school.

Ixchel is situated very central in Antigua and has a very attractive courtyard which adds to the pleasure of staying here. I hope to come back another time!

Erik HaraldseidNorway

Learning Spanish by sitting outside with the sun shining and just talking with my instructor is the perfect way to learn vocabulary and grammar. I have enjoyed meeting people from all over the world and getting to know the staff at Ixchel. They have welcomed me with open arms.

Karen WongCanada

Antigua is a beautiful, friendly and exciting city and Ixchel School works hard to give its students the best experience possible. Immediately I felt welcome and comfortable and over my four weeks stay enjoyed taking part in the school's interesting and varied activities, cooking, salsa classes, films, visiting local churches and also further to climb a volcano!

The staff is friendly and the relaxed, informal student-teacher relationship is brilliant for practising Spanish. Many thanks to my teacher, who not only tirelessly corrected my poor pronouns and wrong reflexives, but taught me a lot about Guatemala's history, culture and society.

Rachel EvansUK

Five weeks in Antigua at Ixchel Spanish School have gone by very quickly. The school is great and the teachers my wife and I have had have been very professional. We knew almost no Spanish when we started and now feel very comfortable meeting citizens of the city. Ixchel school has provided activities almost every day and they have been great.

Jake StoneUSA

I had a wonderful experience here at Ixchel. My teacher is phenomenal and the school is always there to help you. The home-stay is a necessity. Our family was very kind and helpful and instrumental in helping me learn Spanish.

Neilson McLeanCanada

I really enjoyed studying Spanish at the Ixchel Spanish school in Antigua Guatemala. Arriving at the school with only two years of high school Spanish, taken over 15 years ago, I was surprised how quickly you can gain a working knowledge of the language.

My teacher was very nice and patient, but also very goal oriented and dedicated to helping me learn. The facility, just as the staff, is warm and welcoming and the afternoon optional activities were fun and interesting. I especially enjoyed visiting Volcan Pacaya. I only wish that I had more time to study here.

Daniel ArguedasUSA

Studying at Ixchel Spanish School was a great experience. In one week I covered as much Spanish as I did in two years in school. My teacher was completely in touch with my needs as a student. She was able to judge my progress and adjust lessons accordingly. The individual attention I received was invaluable.

The environment at the school is very pleasant. I enjoyed learning outside, rather than in the classroom. The activities organized by the school were very interesting. We really enjoyed climbing Pacaya.

Gretchen HarrisUSA

Studying at Ixchel Spanish School was all in all such a wonderful experience. Situated in Antigua, the school has endless bars and restaurants close by with a variety of music and rood set in the beautiful colonial town.

The school itself has a comfortable and immensely welcoming atmosphere. The warm and informal approach of my teaching made it easier to improve and pick up confidence with my Spanish! Many thanks to my teacher who not only made me feel so at home but for teaching me so much about the ways of Antigua and on a wider scale Guatemala itself.

Emma CloseUK

Ixchel is a beautiful and excellent school. I learnt more Spanish in a week than I did in a 10 week course back home. My teachers were excellent and attended to my needs as best as possible.

My host family was also fantastic! They were very patient, helpful and cooked great meals. Combining the lessons and homestay was a great opportunity to put into practice what I learnt each day at school with my host family.

After being so impressed after my first 3 weeks I extended my stay to 6 weeks in total. I loved my stay in Antigua and will always want to return.

Helena SracekAustralia

This has been a great learning experience. The opportunity that I have had to learn one-on-one with a teacher like Jeaneth is like none I have ever experienced.

Living with a Guatemalan family has also been incredible. You can do all the travelling you want but if you don't immerse yourself in the culture you are always missing out. I recommend this type of experience and especially this school to anyone.

Kim TrudelCanada

We knew zero Spanish when we started school. Thanks to a very patient teacher we were able to understand and communicate in Spanish. We also enjoyed being placed with a family and believe this immersion greatly helped improve our Spanish learning curve. Thanks to the staff for running a great school!

Marisa & DaveTexas, USA

I enjoyed my classes, my teacher, the people and the afternoon activities very much. It was a great experience. I want to come back soon to learn more Spanish and to stay longer. It was great to stay with the guest family. The food and the hospitality were very good. Antigua is a very nice town.

Karen StockWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I enjoyed this school very much. Teachers, family and staff – all excellent, professional and friendly people. I will be pleased to recommend the school to friends and others.

HarveyWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I really enjoyed the challenge of learning a new language and would recommend this school to fellow travellers. The teaching is personal and at a high level. I just hope I remember my verbs!

Kim DenningCornwall, UK

I can't believe how much Spanish I've learned this past week! Luis was a great teacher and had very interesting questions for me. It was great learning about Guatemala from him. Perhaps I will return sometime in the future!

ShaunaCalgary, Canada

I have enjoyed my four weeks of classes at Ixchel. It is a beautiful setting in which to learn Spanish, with a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Many thanks to my teachers, who have helped me to improve my Spanish.

Gonda WinternitzSouth Africa

Thank you very much for four weeks of studying here. My teacher was really great. I had a good laugh with him. My family was also great – good food and a very nice room.

Jessica LambooijNetherlands

My teacher Cintya at Ixchel was absolutely phenomenal. In just three days she gave me a grand tour of the Spanish language. In just three days I learned more Spanish than in my years of study.

I thoroughly enjoyed the staff, the organization of activities, and the family atmosphere at Ixchel. I will definitely return next year when I know more Spanish so I can talk at a higher level. Cintya is an extraordinary teacher, and I'm so honored to now have her as my first Guatemalan friend!

Jane ScottColorado, USA

We have studied here for two weeks. The school is really great, the headmaster is very nice and will help in anything you will need.

The teachers really become your friends during the lessons. You will see that studying here is a great experience. The school offers very nice places to stay in with local families, which will help you very much with your Spanish.

Roey, Elinor and LeeIsrael

I've enjoyed studying here very much and learned a lot of Spanish in just over a week. If we come back to Antigua, we hope to study here again.


I really enjoyed my time at the Ixchel school. The teachers were good and friendly. My Spanish has really improved and I feel more confident when travelling in in Guatemala. I will certainly recommend the school to my friends back in England.

Simon MaguireUK

The school was very efficient and organized. Aside from learning the language, I loved the acceptance and resourcefulness when volunteering in the area. Alvaro drove us to where we wanted to volunteer and even participated with us! A great experience! Thanks a ton!

DanielleColorado, USA

I can thoroughly recommend the school both for academic excellence and for its activities and ambiance. I had two teachers while learning Spanish and both were attentive and knowledgeable.

The learning structure was methodical and practical and I soon found that I understood many things that were confusing before. I have no regrets about my choice.

ChrisWales, UK

Antigua is a nice place to study Spanish. The teacher was nice and patient and I learned a lot. Thank you very much!