Immersion Spanish Courses in Antigua Guatemala

Why Study Spanish in Antigua Guatemala?

Antigua Guatemala is world famous for its unique and charming colonial ambiance and has become one of the most important destinations for people from all around the world who are looking for a quality Spanish course.

With good reason!

Antigua Guatemala used to be the capital of Central America until an earthquake destroyed the town in 1773 and the capital was moved to present-day Guatemala City. After the move, Antigua was largely abandoned and those who stayed behind lacked the resources to rebuild the city.

Only in the early 20th century was Antigua rediscovered and people began to move back here. Careful to preserve the colonial heritage, many buildings were reconstructed according to original construction plans. To this day, the streets are cobblestone, buildings are no higher than two stories and there's not a single neon sign in town!

The efforts to preserve Antigua's colonial heritage have been praised near and far. Antigua was declared a National Monument of Guatemala, a Monument of the Americas and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Antigua is more than historic buildings, however. Friendly and helpful people and a pleasant climate year round make Antigua Guatemala the ideal setting for your immersion Spanish course!

We look forward to meeting you in Antigua Guatemala!

Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala at the foot of the Agua Volcano in the Central Highlands of Guatemala. A unique colonial ambiance, friendly people and pleasant climate have made Antigua Guatemala a popular destinations for travelers from all around the world.

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Top 10 Reasons to Study Spanish in Antigua Guatemala

  1. Antigua Guatemala is one of the most beautiful cities in Latin America. Many buildings that were built in the 16th and 17th centuries in the Spanish baroque style fascinate visitors to this day.
  2. The culture of Antigua Guatemala is a unique mix of the Spanish and the Mayan culture.
  3. Antigua Guatemala is located in the Central Highlands, which makes it an ideal base for exploring other destinations in Guatemala and beyond.
  4. Teaching Spanish has a long tradition in Antigua Guatemala. The first Spanish schools were established in the 1970s and there are about 20 major schools today.
  5. Spanish lessons in Antigua Guatemala are typically one on one, which allows for more intensive learning and faster progress than group classes.
  6. The Spanish spoken in Antigua Guatemala is fairly clean and close to the official standard. Local variations in pronunciation and vocabulary are minor, which makes Antiguans easy to understand.
  7. Antigua Guatemala is one of the safest cities in Latin America.
  8. Antigua Guatemala is well prepared for internation visitors and a wide range of services are available, from five-star hotels and international restaurants to museums and discotheques.
  9. The historic center of Antigua Guatemala is quite small and most places of interest are within easy walking distance.
  10. Antigua Guatemala has a temperate climate with pleasant temperatures year round.

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Antigua Guatemala Antigua Guatemala Antigua Guatemala
Antigua Guatemala Antigua Guatemala Antigua Guatemala
Antigua Guatemala Antigua Guatemala Antigua Guatemala
Antigua Guatemala Antigua Guatemala Antigua Guatemala

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What Our Students Say ...

Janet Boakes

The school offers excursions to different areas around Antigua. Every day after four hours of classes, I went sight-seeing. For example, one day I went on a guided bicycle tour. Another day, we visited a coffee farm and a macadamia nut farm. Another day I rode a horse on a trail to see one of the volcanoes in the surrounding area. At my request, the school arranged a guided tour to Lake Atitlan, a beautiful, majestic lake surrounded by volcanoes. All of these excursions were very interesting and enjoyable.

I highly recommend Ixchel School to anyone who would like to learn – or improve his or her – Spanish. Guatemala is a beautiful country. The people are friendly and helpful. The weather in Antigua is spectacular and the city is a historic jewel. A stay at Ixchel is a very rewarding experience!

Janet Boakes, New York, USA

Alberto Bigoni

I have been studying at Ixchel Spanish School for five weeks. It is a professional and well managed school. The staff is friendly and you can rely on them. I really appreciate my lessons and I have learned a lot. Activities organized for the afternoon were very interesting too.

My weeks at Ixchel were definitely positive, I'd suggest to study here if you want to learn Spanish, know Antigua and meet new friends.

Alberto Bigoni, Italy

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