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Choosing the right Spanish school is certainly not an easy task. But we are here to help and address your questions and concerns!

Below we have listed the questions we are most frequently asked and you might find the information you are looking for right here.

But if you have questions that are not answered here or you need to discuss specific details of your course, you are most welcome to get in touch with us anytime. You can

  • fill out the contact form or send us an email
  • send us a message on Facebook or Twitter
  • call us on the phone at (+502) 7832-3440 anytime from 8 am to 5 pm Mon-Fri, 9 am to 1 pm Sat – we are on Central Time (GMT -6 hours) year round
  • contact us on Skype; we are customerserviceixchel
  • or if you happen to be in Antigua, just come by and we'll chat – we are on 9a Calle Oriente #5
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We look forward to hearing from you!


For those who don't have the time to travel to Antigua Guatemala for an immersion Spanish course, online courses are a great way to learn Spanish!

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Ixchel Spanish School

How long has Ixchel Spanish school been in business?

Ixchel Spanish School was founded in 1999. In just a few years we've become one of the leading Spanish schools in Antigua Guatemala due to the quality of our Spanish courses, our innovative teaching techniques, and our professional organization.

Is Ixchel Spanish School registered with the Guatemalan Ministry of Education?

Yes, the school is registered with the Guatemalan Ministry of Education (registration number 125-2002) and with INGUAT (registration number 640-2002-D).

Ixchel is also accredited by the Universidad Da Vinci de Guatemala, a private university in Guatemala City. Our cooperation with this university allows us to offer Spanish courses with college/university credits.

How do you pronounce "Ixchel"?

ee-CHEL. Pretty much like "eat shell" spoken rapidly.

Can I call you on the phone or on Skype?

Certainly! Our phone number is (+502) 7832-3440 and our Skype name is customerserviceixchel. You can reach us from 8 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday, and from 9 am to 1 pm on Saturdays.

How many students do you normally have?

The number of students varies from week to week. During the high season (early June through mid August) we usually have about 30 to 35 students, during the rest of the year about 20 to 25. In a really slow week, the number can dip down to 15, but rarely lower than that.

Online Spanish Courses

Can I have lessons on Saturday and/or Sunday?

Yes, you can take online lessons on any day of the week.

How can I pay for my online lessons?

The easiest way to pay for your lessons is by PayPal. We also accept payments by Western Union and bank transfer.

Can I have the same teacher I worked with when I was in Antigua?

Yes, we can normally assign the same teacher for your online lessons, provided your teacher is available at the time you want to take your lessons.

Can I change my teacher if we don't get along?

Certainly! We want you to be happy and enjoy your lessons. While our teachers are well-trained and very competent, we recognize of course that there are personality conflicts occasionally. Requests to change teachers are rare, but if you want to change, we can give you another teacher from one lesson to the next.

Do I need to buy textbooks and a dictionary?

We provide all the class materials you need, so buying textbooks is not necessary. A dictionary is something no Spanish student can do without, but you can use an online dictionary if you don't want to buy a printed dictionary.

Do I need to buy special software or Skype credits?

No, you don't. All class materials are online on our website and all you need to access them is a web browser. On Skype, connections from computer to computer, including video chats, are free.

What Our Students Say ...

Jay Puppo

I love Ixchel and my tutors Ana and Mariela. The online courses fit my schedule and I find the staff very accommodating. Plus, my Spanish is improving!

I can't wait to bring my family to Guatemala this summer to study in person.

Jay Puppo, Oregon, USA

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