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Year after year hundreds of students from all over the world take an online Spanish course at Ixchel Spanish School. Our students come from a wide variety of countries and social backgrounds. All age groups from teenagers to senior citizens are represented.

Everyone is most welcome!

Many students who participate in an immersion course in Antigua Guatemala continue to take online lessons after they return home to keep practicing and improving their Spanish. Others take online lessons to evaluate our courses or get a head start before they come to Antigua.

Most students, however, are professionals who need to learn Spanish but do not have the time for an immersion course. Learning Spanish online is a great way for them to make the most of the free time they have available and have their Spanish lessons in their home or office.

No matter why our students take online Spanish lessons, they all have one thing in common: They enjoy their lessons, make good progress and are highly satisfied with the service they receive.

Don't just take our word for it! Read the testmonials below that our students wrote about Ixchel!

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Online Lessons

Online Lessons

Online lessons via Skype are a great way to learn Spanish!

For those who don't have the time to travel to Antigua Guatemala for an immersion Spanish course, online courses are a great way to learn Spanish!

Meet our team of friendly, well-trained and experienced teachers!

What Students Say About Ixchel's Online Lessons ...

Kevin Walker

Kevin Walker, USA

I have studied Spanish in high school and on a computer program but really needed individually instruction to go to the next level. Due to my business I was not able to go to Antigua and spend an extended period of time studying.

So, I decided to try the online classes and absolultely love it. My teacher Ana has been very knowledgeable and friendly. I am able to take classes that fit around my schedule all from the convenience of my home or office. Since I have started taking class I have seen dramatic improvements in my Spanish, especially in grammar and improved conversational skills.

I still hope to visit Ixchel one day but this has been a great alternative.

Kevin WalkerUSA

Bojan Drakul

Bojan Drakul, Toronto, Canada

I have been taking lessons for about 1.5 years and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Mariela Vivar is an excellent teacher, very pleasant, fun and patient. Always willing to accommodate schedule changes.

The school website / lessons are very good as well and easy to follow.

Overall, I would highly recommend Ixchel school and Mariela to anyone wanting to learn Spanish.

Bojan DrakulToronto, Canada

David Cooley

David Cooley, California, USA

I was initially attracted to the Ixchel Spanish language school because of their online Skype lessons. I figured it would be a good way to get a sense of the quality of their program without having to make a big commitment. Thanks to the professionalism of their office staff, I had no trouble setting up a free online Skype lesson. That first lesson convinced me to purchase a package of five 50 minutes online lesson and I was impressed with the availability of class time and flexibility of the instructors.

After several months of the online lessons, I decided to go to Antigua in order to study at Ixchel. My transportation and living arrangements were handled with great attention and once again, I was very satisfied with the school's customer service and logistical management.

After several weeks of intensive classes at Ixchel, my level of Spanish increased dramatically. Because of the emphasis on both grammar and conversation, the classes truly benefit those students who are serious about improving their ability to speak.

Ixchel also offer a very personable learning environment. Everyone that I met was genuinely friendly and caring. And because of the quality of my classes, as well as the overall atmosphere of the school, my impression is that Ixchel is unique in the way that teaching Spanish seems to be more of a vocation rather than merely a business. I am very grateful to have found this program and without hesitation, I will recommend Ixchel to anyone looking for quality Spanish instructor.

David CooleyCalifornia, USA

Nina Sadlowsky

Nina Sadlowsky, Germany

I would like to highly recommend Ixchel Spanish School. Whilst travelling I took advanced 1:1 classes for 2 weeks, with Ana Pereira and Carmen Morales. The classes are very structured, so the first part of the class will be grammar and vocabulary etc. and then the second part will be applying all those learned things by having a conversation and using examples.

When I came back from my travels, I remembered the option of Skype lessons, so I signed up for 20 classes with Carmen. Again, you get to talk a lot and Carmen always corrects me. We talk about daily life and the weekend and hence this makes it a very nice Spanish conversation. The 2nd part of the Skype class consists of correcting homework and doing grammar.

Through these weekly lessons I have been able to continue and keep practicing my Spanish as otherwise I wouldn't have the chance to talk that often in Spanish. I can highly recommend Ixchel both for on-site lessons (it's in a great location in Antigua) as well as Skype. Also, Carmen Morales is a fabulous and very nice teacher – loads of fun to learn and chat with. Go there if you want to learn Spanish!

Mucha suerte y saludos de Munich!

Nina SadlowskyGermany

Patrick Husted

Patrick Husted, New York, USA

There are many people who speak Spanish right in my neighborhood in New York City. I also have two close friends who speak the language. So I decided to learn Spanish even though I was 60 years old. Am I crazy? I don't know but I am having a great time. I wanted to do something difficult that would require discipline and persistence to keep my mind energized.

So I invested in Rosetta Stone and began that slow process of learning some basics. I was talking to my friend one day who speaks fluent French and Spanish and has traveled extensively in the world. He said, "If you want to really up your learning curve you have to begin speaking the language regularly; you have to immerse yourself in it. One of the best places in the world to learn Spanish is Antigua Guatemala because they have terrific schools there."

So I researched them all online and choose Ixchel because their website was the most developed and they responded to all my emails and questions with promptness and a relaxed friendliness. In December 2014, I went there over the Christmas holiday for two weeks, taking four hours of instruction in the morning.

The very first day, I was thrown into deep water without a life preserver (no English) but that proved very helpful in increasing the speed at which I learned. The lifeguard was always on duty. As my brain was no longer the sponge it once was, I knew I had to be patient with myself, and so was my wonderful teacher, Marielos. She always spoke slowly, gently repeating often for me; she also was intuitive. She knew her grammar and explained the rules well and simply until I fully understood.

I got to talk to all the students while I was there, and every single one of them loved their respective teacher. I never heard one complaint or even "She's okay." It was always a rave. In addition, the secretary, Marleni, is smart, organized, and generous of spirit, and her English is superb. You couldn't ask for a better leader and coordinator.

Soon after I returned home I decided to continue my studies online via Skype. I asked for the same teacher, but she was unable to do it. I now have a different teacher whom I also love; I work with her twice a week for 50-minute sessions. After 5 months of home classes and homework, I can detect real improvement.

But still I want to up my game further, so I am going back for a full month in early summer of 2015, to study 20 hours a week again with my same online teacher, Alejandra. I am very excited. I love the town with its cobble stone streets and ancient ruins everywhere, the people, and the incredible surrounding vistas. This visit I expect to have more interactions with people in my daily explorations.

Some folks learn fast, some learn more slowly, but for me it's all about the process of learning. And the process at Ixchel is exceptional.

Patrick HustedNew York, USA

Jay Puppo

Jay Puppo, Oregon, USA

I love Ixchel and my tutors Ana and Mariela. The online courses fit my schedule and I find the staff very accommodating. Plus, my Spanish is improving!

I can’t wait to bring my family to Guatemala this summer to study in person.

Jay PuppoOregon, USA

Ron Gunter

Ron Gunter, North Carolina, USA

Ana Lucia is the best teacher I have ever had. I took 3 Spanish classes at my University and have had another online teacher from another company but nobody is as good as Ana Lucia. She is very patient and very good at explaining things I never understood from other teachers. In fact, because of how much I like the online classes, I am going to spend a week at the school when I go to Guatemala a month from now.

Anyone that is serious about learning Spanish should try their online classes, they are affordable and it is as if the teacher were sitting beside you.

Ron GunterNorth Carolina, USA

Victor Yang

Victor Yang, UK

I absolutely loved my time at Ixchel in March and April of 2013. I looked forward to class every day with my teacher Stephany. Our lessons were on the terrace, and they were full of conversations of grammar, laughter, and social justice in Guatemala. I know that Stephany loves her job and has so much talent for teaching – after three weeks, I was conversational in Spanish.

I have continued lessons through Skype, and my friends ask me how I love my Spanish teacher so much – she is now a good friend and I feel like I can tell her anything.

I highly recommend Ixchel to all!

Victor YangUK