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Spanish Language Resources

With more than 400 million native speakers, Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. According to some counts, Spanish has more native speakers than English!

The growing Hispanic population in the US and other countries has led to an ever growing interest in the Spanish language and the number of Spanish students is increasing year after year. Many companies are looking to hire Spanish speakers and a solid knowledge of the language will increase your chances in the job market significantly.

While there are many ways to learn Spanish, from immersion Spanish courses to online lessons and self-study courses, they all have in common that you need the right study materials to make good progress and have an enjoyable learning experience.

Below we have created a list of Spanish language resource that we hope will help you with your studies and satisfy your curiosity about the Spanish language and its history.

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Spanish lesson

Learning Spanish

An immersion course with one-on-one lessons is the fastest and most effective way to learn Spanish

An immersion course with one-on-one lessons is the fastest and most effective way to learn Spanish.

Spanish Language

Real Academia Española
The Royal Spanish Academy in Madrid, Spain is the authority on the Spanish language. A major publisher of grammars and dictionaries, the RAE's website includes an online dictionary and many other resources – all in Spanish.
Castilian Spanish and the History of the Spanish Language
A short history of the Spanish language, from the days of the Roman empire to the present.
History of the Spanish Language
The history of the Spanish language from its Latin roots to modern Spanish in Spain and Latin America.

Courses, Tutorials and Dictionaries

Learn Spanish
One of the most popular websites for Spanish students and teachers. Lots of grammar and vocabulary lessons, tutorials and other resources. Some premium content.
BBC Languages: Spanish
Interactive Spanish lessons for beginners and intermediate students.
Business Spanish Lessons
Learn to speak and write business and conversational Spanish. This websites covers more than 100 business themes, cultural aspects and business etiquette of the Spanish speaking world.
Lingolex Vocabulary Lists
Lists of Spanish words covering a variety of subjects, from the weather to internet terms and common proverbs.
Spanish Vocabulary Online
Free online vocabulary trainer and conjugation trainer.
WordReference Online Spanish Dictionary
A popular free online dictionary with reasonably accurate translations.
SpanishDICT Dictionary of Spanish and English
Another free Spanish and English dictionary. Allows wildcard searches if you are not sure how a word is spelled and can play audio clips of the correct pronunciation.

Translation Services

Translation Central
Legal, technical, marketing and website translation between Spanish and many other languages by qualified and experienced native speakers.

Teacher Training

Texas Teacher Certification
Learn the necessary steps to become a certified teacher in Texas. Then find the degree program that fits your needs.

Spanish Schools in Mexico

Habla Hispana Spanish Language School, San Miguel de Allende
The premier Spanish school in the charming colonial town of San Miguel de Allende, about 250 km (160 miles) north of Mexico City. Group classes, private lessons and many interesting cultural activities.
The Warren Hardy Spanish School, San Miguel de Allende
Another fine Spanish school in the heart of San Miguel de Allende. Warren Hardy taught Spanish to adult students in major corporations for more than 20 years and founded the school in 1990.
Spanish Institute of Puebla, Puebla
Well-established Spanish school in the historic downtown district of Puebla, about 40 km (60 miles) southeast of Mexico City. Founded in 1984, the school is well equipped and offers a great ambiance for learning Spanish.
Instituto Chac-Mool Spanish School, Cuernavaca
One of the leading Spanish schools in Cuernavaca. ICM was founded in 1996 and the founders have an extensive background as educators in the US and Mexico. Group classes, individual lessons and cultural activities.
Vinigulaza Spanish Language School, Oaxaca
A well-established Spanish school in Oaxaca in southern Mexico. Group and private classes in a nice colonial building only a few blocks from the main square.
Institute of Modern Spanish, Merida
Founded in 1995, the Institute of Modern Spanish has become one of the leading Spanish schools in Merida, a beautiful historic city on Mexico's Yucatan peninsula. Group and private classes, excursions and other activities.
Centro de Idiomas del Sureste (CIS), Merida
Another fine school in Merida, with three locations in different parts of town. Founded in 1974, CIS offers group classes for students of all levels.

Spanish Schools in Costa Rica

Centro Panamericano de Idiomas (CPI), Heredia, Monteverde and Flamingo
Spanish school with an excellent reputation and three campuses in unique areas: San Joaquin, a suburb of Heredia just north of the capital San Jose; Monteverde in the cloud forests of eastern Costa Rica; and Flamingo on the Pacific coast. CPI offers group classes and individual instructions.
Forester Instituto Internacional, San Jose
The institute was founded in 1979 and is located in the capital city of San Jose. Group classes, private tutoring and special courses for children and teenagers in cheerful and congenial surroundings.
Centro Linguistico Conversa, Santa Ana and San Jose
Founded in 1975, Conversa is one of the oldest and most well-known Spanish schools in Costa Rica. Conversa is present in two locations, a school in San Jose and a six-acre campus in Santa Ana, just west of San Jose.

Spanish Schools in Peru

Wiracocha Spanish School, Cusco and Lima
Wiracocha Spanish School combines an intensive teaching program with a friendly and fun environment. With schools in two locations – Cusco and Lima – you will not only learn Spanish, but also have plenty of opportunity to explore Peru's fascinating history.